Birth, Form, Make, Balance, Nature - they lookout over something all from a place higher than the pyramid. The third release is a split single from the label-heads KATSUNORI SAWA and YUJI KONDO, known for the STEVEN PORTER collaborative project. After two various artists' series in 2011 and 2013, the string-pullers finally appear from backroom without disguise. The vinyl labels' artwork by the STEVEN PORTER collaboration. The vinyl labels' design from SHINYA ISHIMURA. Audio mastering by MATT COLTON at the Alchemy Mastering in UK. Distributed by VETO. Concept & Direction by Katsunori Sawa and Yuji Kondo. Limited vinyl edition with the centre-labels' artwork. [TEN003EP] Katsunori Sawa & Yuji Kondo "UNDULANT LATITUDE" is available now at many good record stores worldwide.

- - - - - - - - - -
Artist : Katsunori Sawa & Yuji Kondo
Title : Undulant Latitude
Label : 10 Label
Country : Japan
Format : 12inch Black Vinyl Limited
Release : 2nd July 2014
Tracklist :
A1. Katsunori Sawa - Immortal Bind
B1. Yuji Kondo - Triangle Aggregates
Credit :
A1 - Written & Produced by Katsunori Sawa
B1 - Written & Produced by Yuji Kondo
Vinyl Artwork by Steven Porter
Vinyl Design by Shinya Ishimura
Mastered by Matt Colton at Alchemy Mastering
Distributed by Veto Music Wholesale Ltd
Concept & Direction by Katsunori Sawa and Yuji Kondo
(P)&(C) 2014 10 Label Limited
- - - - - - - - - -

10 Label Official Website :
Juno Plus - Music News (on July 2nd 2014) :
Available at Juno Records Online Record Store UK :
Available at Boomkat Online Record Store UK :
Available at Rough Trade Online Record Store UK :
Available at Red Eye Records Online Record Store UK :
Available at Norman Records Online Record Store UK :
Available at Unearthed Sounds Online Record Store UK :
Available at Online Record Store Germany :
Available at Decks Records Online Record Store Germany :
Available at Experimedia Online Record Store US :
Available at Crosstalk International Online Record Store US :
Available at Serendeepity Online Record Store Italy :
Available at Jet Set Records Online Record Store Japan :
Available at Technique Online Record Store Japan :
Available at New Tone Records Online Record Store Japan :
Available at Marginal Records Online Record Store Japan :
(*Posted on July 4th 2014 / Updated on July 21st 2014)


Official Release Information : GENESA RECORDS is proud to presend the debut solo EP of the Japanese techno wizard DUCEREY ADA NEXINO aka YUJI KONDO. Whether as Ducerey Ada Nexino, Yuji Kondo or in the collab-duo STEVEN PORTER (with Katsunori Sawa), this producer and co-founder of the notorious 10 LABEL imprint, has been making floor shaking tunes for a while now and gaining a lots of attention, proven by appearances on labels like SEMANTICA RECORDS or PERC TRAX. "CYCLES, CHILDREN AND ISLANDS EP" represents the culmination of his work under the 'Ducerey Ada Nexino' moniker. On board are 3 originals, a remix by the label-head SCALAMERIYA and a digital, 'bonus' ambient / noise track. All of that, beautifully packed on a transparent silver grey vinyl.

- - - - - - - - - -
Artist : Ducerey Ada Nexino
Title : Cycles, Children And Islands EP
Label : Genesa Records
Country : Serbia
Format : 12inch Transparent Silver Grey Vinyl Limited / Digital MP3 WAV
Release : 14th February 2014 (Digital - 4 Weeks Later)
Tracklist :
A1. School Phosphene
A2. Beneath The Kitchen Faucet
B1. Mouth Of Which
B2. Mouth Of Which (Scalameriya Remix)
X1. Moon Phase Letterpress [Digital Bonus*]
Credit :
Written & Produced by Yuji Kondo
Additional Remix Production by Nikola Grebovic
Artwork by Nadja Sveir
Mastered by Alhek
Distributed by Triple Vision
(P)&(C) 2014 Genesa Records Serbia
- - - - - - - - - -

Resident Advisor Review (on 16th April 2014) :
Resident Advisor Japan Review (on 2nd May 2014) :
Resident Advisor Japan News (on 7th February 2014) :
HigherFrequency Japan News (on 10th February 2014) :
Reviewed by Terminal 313 music review web magazine (on 13rd February 2014) :
Listen to the Official Teaser "Cycles, Children & Islands EP" [GENESA004V] :
Available at Juno Records Online Record Store UK :
Available at Red Eye Records Online Record Store UK :
Available at Hard Wax Online Record Store Germany :
Available at Online Record Store Germany :
Available at Decks Records Online Record Store Germany :
Available at Online Record Store Germany :
Available at Lo-Fi Records Online Record Store Spain :
Available at Toolbox Records Online Record Store France :
Available at Musicam Records Online Record Store France :
Available at Triple Vision Online Record Store Netherlands :
Available at Disk Union Online Record Store Japan :
Available at Technique Online Record Store Japan :
Available at Naminohana Records Online Record Store Japan :
Distributed by Triple Vision Distribution Netherlands :
Genesa Records - Official Website :
Genesa Records - Facebook :
Vinyl Artwork by Russian Photographer Nadja Sveir :
Nadja Sveir - Flickr :
Nadja Sveir - Facebook :
Get inspired! Magazine - Nadja Sveir Interview (on 14th April 2013) :
La Maison WERTN Magazine - Nadja Sveir Interview (on 9th September 2012) :
BLCKMNDS Magazine - Nadja Sveir (on 13rd September 2013) :
IKONAMAG - Nadja Sveir Interview (on 29th April 2013) :
(*Posted on February 20th 2014 / Updated on May 3rd 2014)


Ducerey Ada Nexino / Yuji Kondo Live : Sunday 2nd March 2014, DUCEREY ADA NEXINO a.k.a. YUJI KONDO will perform his latest liveset at the electronic music festival "CROSS OVER TWO PATTERNS" in OSAKA. As the special acts, SENSATE FOCUS (ex: MARK FELL / SND, Raster-Noton) and NHK YX KOYXEN (ex: KOUHEI MATSUNAGA, PAN). As guest acts, SHOTAHIRAMA (ex: SIGNALDADA), LYCORISCORIS (ex: MOPH RECORDS, +MUS) and DUCEREY ADA NEXINO AKA YUJI KONDO (ex: STEVEN PORTER / 10 LABEL, PERC TRAX, GENESA, SEMANTICA). Organized & Supported by IDLEMOMENTS and CONCEP. Don't miss it.
w/ Sensate Focus, NHK yx Koyxen, shotahirama, lycoriscoris, Madegg, And Vice Versa, hyAhar, Eadonmm and more.

Date :
March 2nd 2014 / Open 18:00 / Close 23:00 / Entrance - Adv 2,500yen Door 3,000yen
- - - - - - - - - -
Mark Fell + Sensate Focus + NHK xy Koyxen Japan Tour 2014
25th February at Dommune Tokyo
1st March at Soup Tokyo
2nd March at ACDC Gallery Osaka
5th March at Metro Kyoto
7th March at CMVC Oita
8th March at DEF Ishikawa
9th March at Soup Tokyo
- - - - - - - - - -

Resident Advisor Japan - News (on 3rd February 2014) :
Public Rhythm Magazine - News (on 3rd February 2014) :
ACDC Gallery Osaka Japan :
Venue Access Map - ACDC Gallery Osaka :
Buy Advance Ticket on the Ticket PIA Japan online store (Available until 27th February 2014) :
IdleMoments - Official Website :
Concep - Official Website :
(*Posted on February 15th 2014)


Juno Plus UK reviews - - - - - "The enigmatic Steven Porter collaboration provide a far flung mix of doom metal, French coldwave, contemporary electronics and a forgotten Madonna track for our 80th podcast." - - - - - The Japanese mysterious behemoths THE STEVEN PORTER, it's KATSUNORI SAWA and YUJI KONDO present their latest DJ mix for the London's club music culture centre JUNO. No claim. Thunder. You can check the mix below the tracklist.
- - - - - - - - - -
Steven Porter - "Juno Plus Podcast 80"
Recorded, Arranged, Mixed, Mastered and Compiled by Katsunori Sawa and Yuji Kondo
Recorded on 18th January 2014
Tracklisting :
01. General Strike - Next Day
02. Mandible Chatter - Mass For Broken Needles
03. Simon Scott - Ashma / Honeymoon
04. Svarte Greiner - Black Tie / Tunnel Of Love
05. Ensemble Economique - All Our Water
06. Stave - Break
07. File Not Found - Give Me A Sign
08. Locust - Oh Yeah
09. Gardland - Success In Circuit
10. Lee Noble - Remind Me
11. Vyto B - Secret
12. Emmy & The Emmys - Love For Tender
13. Nirvana - Spank Thru
14. Electric Wizard - Vinum Sabbathi
15. Deam - Ventilateur (Ducerey Ada Nexino Remix)
16. Congrès De Vienne - Le Cantique Des Pénitents
17. Atop - Angelic Love Dance
18. Delofi - Lakes Effect
19. Shalamar - Over And Over
- - - - - - - - - -

Juno Plus Podcast 80 - Steven Porter (on 12th February 2014) :
Steven Porter - Self Released - The Last DJ Mix (on 24th October 2013) :
10 Label Returns with Another Distinctive Split Release - Juno Plus (on 8th October 2013) :
Review - Various Artists Replay on Juno Plus (on 2nd December 2013) :
TEN002EP is available now at Juno Records UK Online Record Store :
TEN002EP is available now at Disk Union Japan Online Record Store :
Steven Porter / 10 Label - Official Website :
(*Posted on February 12th 2014)


Uruguayan hypnotic minimal techno imprint PAR WAX's one of their 2013-released vinyl productions [PRW06] GEORGE PAAR & YUJI KONDO "MAN NO SHADOW" has reviewed by the world electronic music culture magazine RESIDENT ADVISOR (also known as 'RA'). Words by Brian Kolada.

Reviewed by Resident Advisor Reviews (on 31st January 2014) :
Reviewed by Terminal 313 Music Review Blog (on 25th November 2013) :
Article on Aremun Magazine (on 28th January 2014) :
[PRW06] Music Head Online Record Store in Germany :
[PRW06] Juno Records Online Record Store in UK :
[PRW06] Online Record Store in Germany :
[PRW06] Decks Records Online Record Store in Germany :
[PRW06] Jet Set Online Record Store in Japan :
[PRW06] Diskunion Online Record Store in Japan :
[PRW06] Technique Online Record Store in Japan :
(*Posted on January 31th 2014)


European heavy quality MANO RECORDINGS release their own second EP "MANO200" directed by the Italian techno label Ketra Records' owner MARK MORRIS (ex: Ketra Records, Gynoid Audio, Amazone Records) and the Spanish underground techno music collective Darksite Booking's owner UNAM ZETINEB (ex: Fluxus Records, Affin, Sonntag Morgen). Including remixes by ALAN BACKDROP (ex: Prologue, Enklav) and DUCEREY ADA NEXINO (ex: 10 Label, Genesa Records). - - - - - "MANO is the tool that allows you to make music, be it analog or digital, the hand is the real interface that allows thoughts to turn into notes, chords, loops ... hand controller is the most powerful that no one can replace." - - - - - Official release date has set on 21st January 2014. Available now on the worldwide digital download stores - Juno Download & Beatport.

Available on Beatport online digital store :
Available on Juno Download online digital store :
Mano Recordings on SoundCloud :
Mark Morris & Unam Zetineb "Mano04 (Ducerey Ada Nexino Remix)" on YouTube :
(*Posted on January 24th 2014)


December 23rd 2013, French techno label AMAZONE RECORDS celebrate their 9 years anniversary for the Amazone's 54th release [AMR54] "THROWMAN EP" they present a very special EP. French Techno label since 2005, Amazone is a platform founded by Marco Asoleda & D'Jamency. Amazone roster in alphabetical order includes tracks & remixes, such like Audio Injection, Angel Costa, Anton X, BCR Boys, Daegon, Knobs, Mike Wall, Peja, Perc, Shin Nishimura, Submerge, etc. On this 54th release, Italian techno producer FUTURE 16 (ex: Ketra Records, Gynoid Audio), deliver two pearls. Additional remix productions from UK techno legend PAUL MAC (ex: Tactical, Clutch Trax, Stimulus Records) and Japanese finest DUCEREY ADA NEXINO aka Yuji Kondo (ex: 10 Label, Perc Trax, Semantica Records). Available now on Beatport online digital store worldwide.

Amazone Records Official Website :
Amazone Records Beatport :
Amazone Records Bandcamp :
Amazone Records Facebook :
Amazone Records SoundCloud :
Amazone Records YouTube :
Amazone Records Twitter :
(*Posted on December 27th 2013)


The Japan's Best Kept Secret, DJ NOBU is a familiar name amongst the most underground, most hardcore and most appreciative dance music fans in Japan. His home is the urban ground of Chiba city, which is located about an hour and a half drive away from Tokyo, and it's not a big city on the map of club world. DJ Nobu, however, is a familiar name amongst the most underground, most hardcore and most appreciative dance music fans in Japan. He is particularly respected for the "Future Terror" party, which he has been running regularly with other local DJs he trusts since 2001 in his home town. This party is organised in a truly D.I.Y. manner at local clubs and other available spaces. They sometimes invite guests from overseas - not for the value of their names, but for their music, of course - and that includes Mike Clark, Terrence Parker, Luke Solomon, Marcel Dettmann, Marcel Fengler and Steffi among others. As "Future Terror" became a place of pilgrimage for Japan's underground party freaks, DJ Nobu's reputation spread through the enthusiasts' word of mouth. (Words from the Future Terror official website.) - - - - - DJ Nobu's new independent record label BITTA features KATSUNORI SAWA & YUJI KONDO on the second vinyl release. The simply designed black vinyl includes two tracks, "Canadian Bellfields" by the Steven Porter and "Untitled" by DJ Nobu. Outstanding techno 12inch from the label that released the IORI retrospective CD. Distributed by Phonica Records UK.

News Article - Disk Union Tokyo (on Nov 29th 2013) :
Music News - Resident Advisor Japan (on Dec 5th 2013) :
DJ Nobu - Official Facebook :
Future Terror - Official Website :
Available now at Phonica Records UK Online Record Store :
Available now at Disk Union Japan Online Record Store :
Available now at Technique Japan Online Record Store :
Available now at Underground Gallery Japan Online Record Store :
Available now at Pigeon Records Japan Online Record Store :
Available now at Naminohana Records Japan Online Record Store :
Available now at Lighthouse Records Japan Online Record Store :
(*Posted on December 12th 2013)


Taken from Juno Plus review : INNER SURFACE MUSIC welcome a new cast of heavy hitters to the hardened UK techno label. The second release this year from TOM DICICCO and AND's Wood Bison inspired Inner Surface Music maintains the Various Artists theme of the label's debut transmission which featured music from AnD, Sunil Sharpe, Ascion and Truss. Titled simply EP2, the forthcoming record welcomes ISM debuts from ferocious Japanese producer YUJI KONDO (aka DUCEREY ADA NEXINO), Spanish deep techno purveyor NX1, Repitch Recordings co-founder D. CARBONE, and a new track from TOM DICICCO. The release marks what has been a profile rising year for Kondo, who in 2013 has remixed the likes of Sawf, DJ Skirt and Fifth Wall's Hound Scales, while also readying the release of the Replay EP on his own 10 Label, which features tracks from Perc, Matthew Herbert, Dalhous and his Steven Porter collaboration with Katsunori Sawa. D.Carbone's AnD-esque "Asynthetic" represents a continuation of the ongoing working relationship between Inner Surface Music and Repitch Recordings (AnD first appeared on Repitch last year with the Features / Vol 3 EP) while NX1 delivers a breakbeat styled techno banger "ISI". - - - - - [INNER006] official release-date has set on 29th November 2013. Limited transparent red vinyl 12" edition. Must check.

Juno Plus - Listen to the forthcoming Inner Suface Music stampede (Oct 11th 2013) :
Terminal 313 - Various - EP 2 (Inner Surface Music INNER006 - 2013) (Nov 29th 2013) :
Stray Landings - Various // Inner 006 (Dec 2nd 2013) :
Inner Surface Music on SoundCloud :
Inner Surface Music on Discogs :
Available at Juno Records online record store in UK :
Available at Bleep online record store in UK :
Available at Boomkat online record store in UK :
Available at Redeye online record store in UK :
Available at Norman Records online record store in UK :
Available at Chemical Records online record store in UK :
Available at Hard Wax online record store in Germany :
Available at Deejay online record store in Germany :
Available at Decks Records online record store in Germany :
Available at Clone Records online record store in Netherlands :
Available at Experimedia online record store in US :
Available at Underground Gallery online record store in Japan :
Available at Diskunion online record store in Japan :
Available at Technique online record store in Japan :
(*Posted on December 1st 2013 / Updated on December 4th 2013)


The end of November 2013, finally reveled. Uruguayan minimal techno driving force the Par Recordings' vinyl arm, PAR WAX presents its sixth release as a vinyl only project [PWR06] "MAN NO SHADOW". This deeply personal record is perhaps the climax of GEORGE PAAR's (ex: Par Recordings, Eklero Records, Gynoid Audio) and YUJI KONDO's (ex: 10 Label, Perc Trax, Semantica Records) relationship as artists which started approximately two years ago. This record has brought together two artists responsible for the direction of their own label collectives with a particular and intimate vision of electronic music. Official release-date has set on 22nd November 2013. Vinyl only.

Reviewed by Terminal 313 Music Review Blog :
Par Wax / Par Recordings on Resident Advisor :
George Paar on SoundCloud :
George Paar DJ mix on the Erratic Podcast - Episode 46 :
[PRW06] Music Head Online Record Store in Germany :
[PRW06] Juno Records Online Record Store in UK :
[PRW06] Online Record Store in Germany :
[PRW06] Jet Set Online Record Store in Japan :
(*Posted on November 22nd 2013 / Updated on December 4th 2013)


An independent British music & arts enterprise, The Vinyl Factory select the 10 Label's latest release [TEN002EP] V.A. "Replay" (feat. PERC / DALHOUS / MATTHEW HERBERT / STEVEN PORTER) as one of the best vinyl releases this week (18th November 2013). Reviewed by James Hammond from The Vinyl Factory - - - - - Two years since 10 Label's first release in their Various Artists series and here's the second installment. Thankfully it's more of the same - a smorgasbord of electronic stylings and ideas from some key movers and shakers in the genre. Perc kicks things off with a business-as-usual drum pattern assault and shifting frictions that keep on giving, with Dalhous changing gears to down-tempo velcro-inflected beats and choral ambience. Side B with Matthew Herbert and Steven Porter is no slouch either - 'Tax Returns' is Herbert at his most rhythmic and playful and 'Fundamental Belief' brings hip-hop into the mix. Four distinctive slabs of sounds and surprisingly cohesive for the range covered, here's hoping the next installment isn't so far off. - - - - - [TEN002EP] V.A. "REPLAY" is available now at many good record stores worldwide.

The Vinyl Factory - Features :
10 Label Official Website :
(*Posted on November 19th 2013)


Morn, even and next day. Man, woman and child. Can you see the rainbow there on a raining day... The welcome return of 10 LABEL the Japanese imprint co-founded by KATSUNORI SAWA and YUJI KONDO, from their first 'Mu EP' in 2011. TEN002EP is the second release in the various artists series. 'REPLAY' brings together the visions of PERC, DALHOUS, MATTHEW HERBERT and STEVEN PORTER. However, there is a dramatic development in four artists' dexterous works. You discover that now you are standing on the centre of stark contrasts among all four tracks, with a photograph and your breath. The vinyl is adorned with a stunning artwork by London's photographer JONE REED. The print-design by SHINYA ISHIMURA. Mastered by the Mastering Engineer of the Year 2013 at the Music Producers' Guild Awards, MATT COLTON at Alchemy Mastering in UK. Distributed by VETO. Concept & Direction by Katsunori Sawa and Yuji Kondo. Limited vinyl edition includes A4 artwork print insert. [TEN002EP] V.A. "REPLAY" is available now at many good record stores worldwide.

10 Label official website :
Juno Plus - Music News (on October 8th 2013) :
Juno Plus - Review (on December 2nd 2013) :
FACT Magazine - Music News (on October 9th 2013) :
Terminal 313 - Review (on November 11th 2013) :
Sharednoise Magazine - Review (on October 11th 2013) :
Elite Music Management Magazine - News (on October 10th 2013) :
Vanyaland Music Magazine - News (on October 9th 2013) :
HMX Radio - News (on October 8th 2013) :
Spacelab - Music News (on October 14th 2013) :
Beatbox Digital - Blog News (on October 2013) :
Available at Juno Records online record store in UK :
Available at Bleep online record store in UK :
Available at Boomkat online record store in UK :
Available at Rough Trade online record store in UK/US :
Available at Redeye online record store in UK :
Available at Norman Records online record store in UK :
Available at Phonica Records online record store in UK :
Available at Chemical Records online record store in UK :
Available at Eastern Bloc Records online record store in UK :
Available at Hard Wax online record store in Germany :
Available at Deejay online record store in Germany :
Available at Clone Records online record store in Netherlands :
Available at Experimedia online record store in US :
Available at Crosstalk online record store in US :
Available at Underground Gallery online record store in Japan :
Available at Compufunk Records online record store in Japan :
Available at Technique online record store in Japan :
Available at STORE15NOV online record store in Japan :
Available at Diskunion online record store in Japan :
(*Posted on November 9th 2013 / Updated on December 2nd 2013)


There is a thrilling coexistence of various culture and music styles in the European-central city of Berlin as well as in the Asian city of Tokyo. MERKUR SCHALLPLATTEN is based in both cities. This schizophrenic situation gives us the privilege to exchange creative processes from one culture to another and allows us to develop an unorthodox blend of music that points into the future. MERKUR SCHALLPLATTEN was started by SHINGO SUWA in 2008. He is a producer/DJ who moved from Tokyo to Berlin in late 2005 to start his own label. Affected by Berlins infectious techno scene he started his own label to release music which carries as well his Asian roots as the new European influences. MERKUR SCHALLPLATTEN releases its 6th EP which has a new, different approach compared to the last EPs for which it has gained much praise during the past 5 years. The A-Side "THEME OF MERCURY" was produced by label founder SHINGO SUWA and AKIRAHAWKS, who is known for the unique Re-edit label HOUSE MANNEQUIN. The two of them mainly perform at Homopatik in Berlin. "Theme Of Mercury" is a hypnotic track which was created with some broken old synth and sends your mind on an intergalactic odyssey, before diving into the deepest ocean on a journey to forget about space and time. The first track of the B-side is a remix from DUCEREY ADA NEXINO aka YUJI KONDO, also known for his work under both his own name and as a half of STEVEN PORTER on SEMANTICA RECORDS. The remix fastens up the mix by repetitive pulsating synths, giving the beat an industrial modern atmosphere and letting the crowd heating up. The second track on the flip-side, called "BARSOOM", is a solo production by Shingo and completes the whole package. The functional work of a cut up 303 acid line with raw bass and a running groove creates an insistent and deeply pressured feeling. Vinyl only, limited to 300 copies. (Text by Diamonds and Pearls Music Distribution in Germany)

RA Japan News :
Diamonds and Pearls Music Distribution in Germany :
Merkur Schallplatten on Discogs :
Technique Online Record Store in Japan :
Jet Set Records Online Record Store in Japan :
Pigeon Records Online Record Store in Japan :
Juno Records Online Record Store in UK :
Redeye Online Record Store in UK : Online Record Store in Germany :
Decks Records Online Record Store in Germany : Online Record Store in Germany :
Clone Records Online Record Store in Netherlands :
Crosstalk Online Record Store in US :
(*Posted on November 8th 2013)


Sinister duo STEVEN PORTER present a special mix without a letter to their own 10 Label. (Text from Juno Plus UK) - - - - - New DJ mix from the Steven Porter (ex: 10 Label, Weevil Neighbourhood, Semantica Records) also known as Katsunori Sawa and Yuji Kondo. You can listen to the 60 minutes mix on their SoundCloud.

Juno Plus :
SoundCloud :
(*Posted on October 24th 2013)


CONCERNS LTD is a independent record label running by Spanish DJ / producer Oscar Alarcón Monroy also known as KALTER ENDE, which focuses on sounds related to techno, industrial, dark and experimental music. On first reference features two original tracks by Kalter Ende and two remixes, one by Japanese producer Yuji Kondo aka DUCEREY ADA NEXINO and another by the Italian producer TRACY. Uncompromising Techno. Played & supported by Mike Parker, Raffaele Attanasio, Fabrizio Lapiana, Jeroen Search, Korova Live, Santiago Salazar, MTD, Lui Urbano, Krenzlin, Mark Morris, Synthek & many more. Limited vinyl 12".

Concerns Music on SoundCloud :
Concerns Music on Discogs :
Available at online record store in Germany :
Available at Decks Records online record store in Germany :
Available at Juno Records online record store in UK :
Available at Beatport online download store :
Available at iTunes online download store :
(*Posted on October 21st 2013 / Updated on December 3rd 2013)


[5WALL007] "FEMEN" is the second EP from HOUND SCALES on FIFTH WALL RECORDS the Brooklyn imprint he runs with DIVVORCE. A dedication to the powerful women that have sculpted his life, the release sees the artist setting out to create the story of their impact on him by distilling these and other major influences into a techno format. The result is two originals blending Amen-style jungle rhythms with collapsed industrial squeals, each with its own sense of beauty clawing upwards towards the surface. On the remix front, Japanese producer and 10 LABEL head honcho YUJI KONDO delivers an incredibly complex, layered interpretation of "A CLIQUE OF TOUGH WOMEN", while MIRA and OPAL TAPES affiliate BLEACHING AGENT pits the elegiac chords of the original "THROATED" against a repeated, mangled vocal motif, imbuing the remix with nostalgia while remaining an effective dancefloor instrument. The Femen EP will see its release on vinyl and digitally September 24th 2013 via Fifth Wall Records. (Text by Tailored Communication in Germany)

Hound Scales Official Website :
Fifth Wall Records Official Website :
5WALL007 is available at Bleep record store UK :
5WALL007 is available at Boomkat record store UK :
5WALL007 is available at Juno Records record store UK :
5WALL007 is available at Redeye record store UK :
5WALL007 is available at Kudos Records record store UK :
5WALL007 is available at Norman Records record store UK :
5WALL007 is available at record store UK :
5WALL007 is available at Deejay record store Germany :
5WALL007 is available at Hard Wax record store Germany :
5WALL007 is available at Jet Set record store Japan :
5WALL007 is available at Newtone Records record store Japan :
5WALL007 is available at Disk Union record store Japan :
5WALL007 is available at Marginal Records record store Japan :
5WALL007 is available at Juno digital download store :
5WALL007 is available at Beatport digital download store :
5WALL007 is available at iTunes digital download store :
5WALL007 is available at Amazon digital download store :
Fifth Wall Records Interview by Louise Brailey on Electonic Beats Magazine :
Reviewed by XLR8R Magazine in US :
Reviewed by Clubbing Spain Magazine in Spain :
Reviewed by Stoney Roads Magazine in Australia :
(*Posted on October 4th 2013)


Ducerey Ada Nexino Live + Steven Porter Live: Limited C30 chrome grade cassette tape [SLUDGE005] "Restored / Waste" quickly sold out with in a week. In October, the SLUDGE TAPES' showcase will be opened at the birthplace of Sludge Tapes, the OCHIAI SOUP in Tokyo. YUJI KONDO will bring the DUCEREY ADA NEXINO liveset and the STEVEN PORTER liveset to the showcase.
w/ Katsunori Sawa (DJ), Steven Porter (Live), Miclodiet (DJ/Live) and more.

Date :
October 19th 2013 / Open 19:00 / Close 24:00 / Charge 2,000yen
Sludge Tapes Party "Wasted" on Clubberia Japan :
Sludge Tapes / Miclodiet Official Website :
10 Label / Steven Porter Official Website :
Katsunori Sawa Official Website :
Ochiai Soup Official Website :
Access Map :
(*Posted on September 30th 2013)


August 2013, SLUDGE-TAPES, Tokyo's unique independent cassette tape label returns with the Sludge-Tapes' owner MICLODIET (ex: Sludge-Tapes, Duenn) and the Japanese enigmatic two-heads STEVEN PORTER (ex: 10 Label, Weevil Neighbourhood, Semantica Records). The label's 5th release "RESTORED / WASTE" is a brand new cassette tape as the split single. SLUDGE-TAPES is an electronic music label founded by MICLODIET in 2011 in association with the remarkable standout performance space Ochiai SOUP in Tokyo Japan. The label owner Miclodiet is an electronic music artist also known as the Ultra Functor (w/ Atsuhiro Ito as the Optron wizard), one of Tokyo's weapon on the underground experimental music scene. He has a unique music style with massive groovy drum-beat and quality hi-frequency dazzling noise. On the track "Waste", Miclodiet brings 4/4 beat and hyper electronic collapsing frequencies. He is the best of the Elektron performer in the world. Epic. The 10 Label imprint co-founders KATSUNORI SAWA & YUJI KONDO produce a long drone set under the duo project the STEVEN PORTER. Their analogue noise experiments "Restored" staying over all capacities in the inside of all the matters happening now. A masterclass. [SLUDGE005] "RESTORED / WASTE" is available on the label's official website and the other record stores. Official release date has set on 23rd August 2013. Limited 75 copies edition of C30 chrome grade cassette silver with original designed cover. FLAC & MP3 download card included. Don't miss it.

Sludge-Tapes Official Website :
Directly Purchase Stocks SLUDGE005 at the Label Shop :
Meditations Online Record Store Japan :
Ochiai Soup Japan :
(*Posted on August 23rd 2013)


One of the few truly underground techno labels... You remember that most important series of his label's releases. "OBSCUR", Enrique Mena aka SVRECA's vinyl EP series have been released from 2010 to 2012 - "Obscur" [Semantica18 / 2010], "Obscur. Initial" [Semantica18X / 2010], "Obscur. Alternative" [Semantica18Y / 2010], "Seda Muerta (Female Remix)" [Semantica18S / 2011], "Obscur. Final" [Semantica18Z / 2012] - This time, Japanese enigmatic independent record label EPISODE releases in the double CD special edition. Svreca's ten originals are listed on Disc One. Disc Two brings ten remixes by Regis, Marcel Dettmann, Grischa Lichtenberger, Claro Intelecto, Yuji Kondo + Katsunori Sawa / Steven Porter, Female, Orphx, Silent Servant and Skirt. Strong both sides. [EPS2] SVRECA "OBSCUR" (2 x CD) is now available at DISK UNION, MEDITATIONS and AMAZON (Japan Only). Don't miss. - - - - - 'Six years ago, Enrique Mena started a complicated journey that nevertheless has been nothing but satisfactory so far: he created a label (with one foot in the coldest brands of IDM and the other in experimental techno), and shaped it after his own image. He called it Semántica Records, and today, over 50 titles form one of the most courageous, incorruptible and cerebral catalogues in recent European electronic music. Based in Madrid, Semántica discovered, or rediscovered, Spanish techno talents like Arcanoid (alias DJ Muerto), DJ F (alias Ideograma), Annie Hall, and Boris Divider. Not to mention his own productions as Svreca (most notoriously "Obscur", of which there are six different vinyls with remixes and variations), the releases by respected underground artists such as Vladislav Delay, E.R.P., Ed Chamberlain, Surgeon, and Kero. He also discovered new international talent like Grischa Lichtenberger, Skirt, and Silent Servant, before they started to roll out on other labels.' (Text by Javier Blánquez from PlayGround Magazine in Spain - PlayGround Mix 119 - November 15th 2012)

RA News - Japanese words by Tomoko Naoshima :
Disk Union Online Record Store :
Meditations Online Record Store Japan :
Amazon Online Store Japan :
Svreca / Semantica Records Official Website :
Svreca "SS09 (Yuji Kondo + Katsunori Sawa / Steven Porter Remix)" from "Obscur. Alternative" [Semantica18Y] :
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'In Leipzig there is a new club in the making with a focus on techno, house and more experimental styles of electronic music. Additionally, there will be educational and socio-cultural projects and initiatives involved in the project. Through the crowdfunding campaign "ANOTHER SOUND IS POSSIBLE" our collective wants to raise money for a sound system from Kirsch Audio to make the best use of the unique, post-industrial spaces of the venue. This crowdfuning campaign is supported by (A to Z): Adam X, Agony Forces aka P.E.A.R.L., Aiken, Albert van Abbe, Alessio Pili, Ancient Methods, ANFS, Anno Stamm aka Anstam, Audiolith, Basic House, Cio D'or, D.Carbone, Dadub, Dystopian, Giegling, Grischa Lichtenberger, Imaginary Forces, Inigo Kennedy, IORI, Italo Johnson, John Osborne, Kann Records, Kassem Mosse, Knarf Rellöm, Kondaktor, Lake People, Mix Mup, Mikrodisko, Modal Analysis, Modern Trips, Moerbeck, NX1, OAKE, Opal Tapes, Raster Noton, Redhead, Roebin de Freitas, Repitch, Semantica, Sektor Evolution, Shaped Noise, Simon 12345 and the Lasertwins, Sleeparchive, Sonic Groove, Subjected, Surgeon, Svreca, Teams, Torsun, Transhumans, Vault Records, YUJI KONDO / STEVEN PORTER, Yves de Mey and more artists / labels / eventers.' (Text from Another Sound Is Possible the the crowdfunding campaign page) - - - You can check more information from the following url links. Full Support.

"Another Sound Is Possible" the crowdfunding campaign page on the Startnext website :
"Another Sound Is Possible" Official Video :
Support Compilations - SC1 / SC2 / Bonus Tracks - exclusive 29 tracks from V.A. :
Facebook Event Page :
Institut für Zukunft Official Website :
De:bug Magazine Germany :
Yuji Kondo "Chambara" supports the Another Sound Is Possible :
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Steven Porter Live: Saturday 31st August 2013, Japanese alternative electronic music producer RYO MURAKAMI (ex: Pan Records, Op.disc, Curle Recordings) presents his own first album release gig in Osaka Japan. From June to August 2013, he goes to various places in Japan for his new album "DEPTH OF DECAY" release tour : Gifu, Hokkaido, Ehime, Nagasaki, Fukuoka, Fukui and Osaka. The tour end Osaka-gig, Ryo Murakami calls the 10 LABEL two-heads KATSUNORI SAWA & YUJI KONDO also known as the STEVEN PORTER (ex: 10 Label, Weevil Neighbourhood, Semantica Records). Ryo Murakami is now ready to launch his new project/label "Depth Of Decay" and its first release is his own debut album. The music on the album is so deep and carefully constructed that trying to describe it may seem pointless. This album is obviously a challenging piece of art that will change your evaluation of Ryo Murakami. He entered the world of music from the early age by playing piano, and then slowly started involving with analogue machines. Ryo Murakami's productions contain alternative dance music and classical contemporary music. His minimal yet rich music wander between tension and release, lead you towards the depth of the sound, and bring the scene to the next level. Don't miss his new liveset.
w/ Ryo Murakami, Oshima Shigeru, DJ Compufunk and more.

Date :
August 31st 2013 / Open Start 22:00 / Charge: Advance TBA yen, Door TBA yen
Depth Of Decay Official Website :
Depth Of Decay LP at Juno Records UK :
Depth Of Decay LP at Technique Japan :
Depth Of Decay Japan Tour Information on Resident Advisor :
Ryo Murakami on Facebook :
Ryo Murakami Discography :
Steven Porter Official Website :
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22nd July 2013, finally the Techno imprint from Portugal, REAKTIVATE released their first 12inch vinyl [RKTV001] ASTRONOMICAL TELEGRAM "NEAR - HEART OBJECT" with three remixes by DEAD SOUND & VIDEOHEAD (ex: Perc Trax, Gynoid Audio), STANISLAV TOLKACHEV (ex: M_rec Ltd, Fullpanda Records) and DUCEREY ADA NEXINO (ex: 10 Label, Genesa Records). Reaktivate has founded in 2012 in Porto, Portugal. Owned by Quantic Spectroscopy, MuteMan and Simao Janela. Nuno Mendonca as the label manager and main St. as A&R. Reaktivate urges from the necessity of spreading underground, urban, industrial, electronic music to the masses. Focused on quality and originality they focus on Techno music without labeling any subgenre. For this landmark release, Reaktivate upholds it's tendency to be a platform that combines both newcomers and established artists in techno. Up and coming Colombian talent DANIEL RESTREPO (ASTRONOMICAL TELEGRAM) represents a strong bet that we feel is justified, and here he is met by three (well, actually four) artists with proven track records in modern techno with an eye beyond the functional. Restrepo's original, "NEAR - HEART OBJECT", is a rugged, authentic-sounding piece of pure techno that seems to place the listener in some sort of debris-strewn outer space industrial complex. The most immediately noticeable characteristic is the punishing industrial-strength kick drum work, that sustains an urgent and stress-inducing composition of shrieks and bells underscored by a chilling drone. The whole thing is a simple but effective updated take on classic british techno in the Surface and Blueprint vein. The remixes are a pan-national snapshot of left-of-centre techno. From England, Perc Trax stalwarts DEAD SOUND & VIDEOHEAD accomplish the feat of creating a heavy yet funky rework that somehow belies their hip-hop influences. You can almost imagine a robot breakdance contest being soundtracked by their remix. Japanese rising star DUCEREY ADA NEXINO, with releases to that name on Genesa and Par Recordings, has been making a bit of a rumble with his YUJI KONDO alias, achieving release slots on Semantica and Perc Trax, and his vision of 'Near-Heart Object' is actually more reminiscent of his work under that name. You know what this means : a blistering industrial-techno rendition based on tribal syncopation and distortion, punctuated by whipping snares that adds an even stronger urgency to the bell-sounding motif of the original. A floor destroyer, for sure. Finally, STANISLAV TOLKACHEV approaches Astronomical Telegram's work in an appropriately titled 'Heavy and Unusual' fashion. Tolkachev hails from Russia, but he really seems to operate in a world of his own, demonstrated through a high-octane/high-BPM reading of the original. Stanislav states that this is the rhythm of his life, and through it we are presented with an analogic sound-world of mantra-like qualities, intertwining propulsive drum-work, disorienting space pulses and pin-prick bleeps constantly swirling around each other. Light emerges from this vortex in the form of swelling pads, providing an emotional rush that will stick with the listener long after the track is over. A fitting mind-warping finale for a special release of which REAKTIVATE is immensely proud of.

[RKTV001] "Near - Heart Object" Preview on SoundCloud :
Reaktivate on Resident Advisor :
Reaktivate on Facebook :
Astronomical Telegram Official Website :
Reaktivate Bandcamp Online Record Store Portugal :
Triple Vision Online Record Store Netherlands :
Juno Records Online Record Store UK : Online Record Store Germany :
Decks Records Online Record Store Germany :
Hard Wax Online Record Store Germany :
Redeye Records Online Record Store UK : Online Record Store Germany :
Juno Download Digital Download Store :
Beatport Digital Download Store :
Music Video "Near - Heart Object (Ducerey Ada Nexino Remix)" by Joanna Jago :
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July 2013, the enigmatic and spirited artist SAWF (ex: Perc Trax, Modal Analysis, M-Rec) returns to PERC TRAX with a great remix from oddball the 10 LABEL artist YUJI KONDO also known as DUCEREY ADA NEXINO and one half of STEVEN PORTER. Early support from Tommy Four Seven, Len Faki, Dave Clarke, Truss, AnD, Phase, Go Hiyama, Phil Kieran and many more producers. - - - SAWF, Perc Trax's most mysterious artist returns to the label he calls home after EP's for Modal Analysis, Audio Assault and M-Rec. This is his first new material for Perc Trax since his well received album 'Flaws' in 2011 and shows him introducing new influences to his trademark grinding, industrial sound. First up is title track "MENETE", built around a 16th note synth line that recalls everything from classic EBM to more modern synth-led techno such as the recent Sleeparchive EP on Tresor. Closing the a-side is "TOOLIO", a far too modest title for a track that is far from a disposable techno tool. An expert exercise in building percussion, this is closest to the sound people know from Sawf, but the best example of it yet. Opening up the b-side is a remix from Yuji Kondo; know best for his work under both his own name and as half of Steven Porter on Semantica and TEN out of Japan. The remix is everything you'd expect from Yuji. A wall of broken-beat noise topped off by cut up vocals samples and a fluid, ever-changing arrangement. Closing the 12" is "DIIN". A deeper, almost house-like cut from Sawf, building on a probing bass guitar line, proving he can do subtle and atmospheric as well as he does tough and confrontational. (Text by Perc Trax UK) - - - Official release date is 15th July 2013 for vinyl. Digital download will be set a few weeks after that. You can purchase [TPT059] "MENETE" at the PERC TRAX BANDCAMP online store or vinyl record stores worldwide. Digital Download will be out after a few weeks on JUNO DOWNLOADS, BEATPORT, AMAZON and more.

Perc Trax Bandcamp Online Record Store UK :
Juno Records Online Record Store UK :
Underground Gallery Online Record Store Japan :
Naminohana Records Online Record Store Japan :
Jet Set Online Record Store Japan :
Technique Online Record Store Japan :
Pigeon Records Online Record Store Japan :
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Sawf on Resident Advisor :
Perc Trax on Resident Advisor :
Perc Trax on Facebook :
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Reviewed by James Manning on Juno Plus UK :
Reviewed by Richard Brophy on Juno Plus UK :
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Our birds returning... You remember a vinyl has already became legend and commanded a premium in the vinyl world. It's the 10 LABEL' first release "MU EP" [TEN001EP] incl. ANCIENT METHODS, ANNE-JAMES CHATON, SAWLIN and STEVEN PORTER. The second limited edition comes to here now... Nothing will come of nothing, but living. This time edition is different design from the first press. Artwork by SYL ANASSE, Design by SHINYA ISHIMURA, Vinyl Cutting & Mastering by NAWEED AHMED from Whitfield Mastering London. Distributed by VETO UK. (The first limited edition has been released in 2011, distributed by KOMPAKT.) - - - - - Ancient Methods, Steven Porter, Anne-James Chaton and Sawlin carve up scorched techno terrain on the 'Mu' EP for Kyoto, Japan's Ten label. Ancient Methods lead the brave troops with the standard-bearing, boot-shaking march of 'Confused Voltage' and Steven Porter - the curiously Anglicised moniker of label heads Katsunori Sawa and Yuji Kondo - drag us thru the terrifying, mechanized mud and guts churn of 'Deed'. Raster Noton's Anne-James Chaton relays the encrypted instructions of 'Événment27' on the flip and Sawlin pounds out the the final battle coda of 'Painfull'. (Reviewed by BOOMKAT UK) - - - - - It's no secret that yours truly's spider sense tingles whenever the words Ancient Methods are uttered. So I'm immediately all over this record on Japanese 10 Label. AM open the EP with the military industrial techno march of Confused Voltage. A steady stomper of a tune that seemingly keeps growing with intensity. Up next is Steven Porter which is actually an alias of Katsunori Sawa and Yuji Kondo whom founded the 10 Label. Their track is a real beaut, full of infinite delay and reverb that's like shards of crystal growing out of the speaker cones. Anne-James Chaton's (Raster Noton / Semantica) effort has stumbling kicks and manipulated vocals/ sound poetry which would really mash your head in a club. Finally Sawlin (Perc Trax) round things off with a raw industrial leaning techno jam. All quality gear but I reckon the Steven Porter track is the one I'm feeling most. (Reviewed by NORMAN RECORDS UK)

Boomkat Online Record Store UK :
Norman Records Online Record Store UK :
Juno Records Online Record Store UK : Online Record Store Germany :
Jet Set Records Online Record Store Japan :
Naminohana Records Online Record Store Japan :
Ancient Methods :
Anne-James Chaton :
Sawlin :
Syl Anasse :
Shinya Ishimura :
Whitfield Mastering :
10 Label :
Veto UK :
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Steven Porter Live: Saturday 1st June 2013, the two heads' collaboration project STEVEN PORTER' (ex: 10 Label, Weevil Neighbourhood, Semantica Records) first Aichi-Gig will be opened at the newest art-space SPAZIO RITA in Nagoya. Recently the venue has been beaten by Shackleton, Coh, Yagya and many more. ADSR is one of Spazio Rita's main scheduled events and they focus the underground music scenes such as Drone, Ambient, Dub, Experimental, Techno and many more others. This time, ADSR calls the Steven Porter (Katsunori Sawa and Yuji Kondo) as the guest live act. The Steven Porter' materials have generated by KATSUNORI SAWA a.k.a. EOC (ex: Ai Records, Weevil Neighbourhood) and YUJI KONDO a.k.a. DUCEREY ADA NEXINO (ex: Perc Trax, Semantica Records, Genesa Records) from Japan. Their first work was a remix of Jimmy Edgar' (ex: Warp Records, !K7 Records) "Sleight Of Mouth" on Semantica Records in Madrid in 2010 and thereafter they did a remix for Semantica-boss Svreca again. In October 2010, Sawa and Kondo established a independent record label the 10 LABEL. Their label's first EP "V.A. - Mu EP" has released with Ancient Methods (ex: Fondation Sonore), Anne-James Chaton (ex: Raster Noton), Sawlin (ex: Vault Series), Naweed Ahmed (ex: Sony Music Mastering) and artwork designers via the German distribution KOMPAKT. The first press of the EP sold out for 5 days in distribution. Steven Porter's three-track EP "LR EP (CONPASS)" has released from the German enigmatic record label Weevil Neighbourhood and German monthly electronic music magazine De:Bug called the record "A Masterpiece". They developed a unique industrial stomping techno with Regis (ex: Downwards), Female (ex: Downwards) and Marcel Dettmann (ex: MDR) on Semantica Records' "5 Years Compilation Part Five" in 2011. To date, Steven Porter has shared stages with Svreca (ex: Semantica Records), Raz Mesinai a.k.a. Badawi (ex: ROIR), Claudio PRC (ex: Prologue), Vladislav Delay (ex: Chain Reaction), Demdike Stare (ex: Modern Love) and many more artists.
w/ Bismuth, Devecly Bitte, Free Babyronia and more.

Date :
June 1st 2013 / Open 18:00 / Start 19:00 / Charge: 2,000yen (+ 1D)
ADSR Official Website :
Spazio Rita Official Website :
10 Label Official Website :
Steven Porter "LR EP" on Weevil Neighbourhood Germany 2011 :
Steven Porter "Deed" on 10 Label Japan 2011 :
Steven Porter "Moonlight Graham" on Semantica Records Spain 2011 :
Svreca "SS09 (Steven Porter Remix)" on Semantica Records Spain :
More Information :
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Delirious electronic sound kills you softly just like... Thursday 23rd May 2013, Tokyo's innovational electronic music record label SIGNAL DADA released the split single CD [SIGNAL007] "JUST LIKE HONEY". This time, Signal Dada's third official CD release project has started such as the remixes of shotahirama's second album "NICE DOLL TO TALK" (Signal Dada / 2012) and this collaboration project is the first trial of its kind in the label. Signal Dada's owner SHOTA HIRAMA invited him, DUCEREY ADA NEXINO. It's the first time to release the Ducerey Ada Nexino's material with the official public CD format. New CD "Just Like Honey" includes two tracks each by shotahirama and Ducerey Ada Nexino. A photographer and film director KEN HIRAMA also supports the music video for this release with the SKATERS from Tokyo. Sound or electromagnetic waves, new-concept but cutting-edge, between music and non-music, humid layers of synthesizer pads, dark ambience field-recordings, energetic pulsing drum machine and driving sequences... Delirious electronic sound kills you softly just like honey. shotahirama is a sound artist from New York, currently living in Tokyo. He is the founder of the label Signal Dada and also works with Japanese independent label mAtter. His musical focus is characterized by digital synth and field recording with computer software processing and improvisation. He received universal acclaim from both mainstream and independent publications, including Sound & Recording (Japan), CD Journal (Japan), The Japan Times (Japan), Improvised Music From Japan (Japan) and Art World Magazine (China). Also he toured around the world, featuring dates in England, Hong Kong and Japan staging for evala (port, ATAK), kangding ray (Raster-Noton), Ametsub, Apparat (Shitkatapult) and more. kenhirama is an award winning director, photographer and a visual artist based in Tokyo, Japan. He first become known online for his test video "D90 Short Film" (chosen as the "Best video done by the Nikon D90 on d90plus). some regard him as one of the pioneers of DSLR filmmaking along with Philip Bloom. In 2010, his work was shown at Huis Marseille Museum, Amsterdam with Japanese leading photographers Mika Ninagawa, Rinko Kawauchi, Risaku Suzuki and other photographers around the globe. Under the influence of his big brother shotahirama (signaldada), he became involved with numerous projects and collaborations. His collaborations include shotahirama, Marsen Jules (12K), pleq, Anna Rose Carter, Natalia Noelia and Japanese art label mAtter and Signal Dada. You can purchase the CD at the biggest record stores in Japan such like TOWER RECORDS, AMAZON, TSUTAYA, P*DIS and the Digital Download version is also available on iTunes Apple Download Store. Must check the following links.

Signal Dada Record Label Official Website :
"Just Like Honey" Official Music Video Trailer :
p*dis Online Store Japan :
Amazon Online Store Japan :
Tower Records Online Store Japan :
diskunion Online Store Japan :
Tsutaya Online Store Japan :
iTunes Apple Download Store Japan :
Signal Dada Online Store Japan (Directly from the Label) :
Sound & Recording Magazine from Rittor Music (the July 2013 number) :
Qetic Web Magazine :
FocusSound Web Magazine :
Peak Silence Web Magazine :
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Steven Porter Live: Wednesday 1st May 2013, in the middle of Japan's long holiday the Golden Week, SLYDEX also known as KONDAKTOR (ex: Modal Analysis, Further Records) will come to Japan for the first time. His first Asia tour has set on: 27th April at Organik in Hunting, Taiwan / 1st May at Club Metro in Kyoto, Japan / 2nd May at Seco in Tokyo, Japan. YUJI KONDO (ex: 10 Label, Semantica Records, Genesa Records) will play the new live set with KATSUNORI SAWA (ex: 10 Label, Ai Records, Weevil Neighbourhood) under their collaboration name STEVEN PORTER on 1st May at CLUB METRO in Kyoto. This event called "RAWM", organized by a new Japanese underground music label IL Y A Records. George Papageorgopoulos aka Slydex has been crafting the decks for almost a decade establishing himself as a prominent figure in the Athenian party scene. His dj sets vary: from deeply techno to sleazy, dirty and funky; from comfortably dark and ambient to uncomfortably sensual and grimmy. He enjoys mixing different styles and trying different sounds each time: from industrial techno to chicago house and back. In the record label that he co-owns, "Modal Analysis", the releases are a blend of modern techno with experimental approach in order to promote the new sophisticated sound coming from Greece. The label's gloomy aesthetic examines the structural impact of sound within space. In the end of 2012 he made his debut release as a music producer with a cassette at the Seattle based Further Records under the alias of Kondaktor: the maestro that controls the musician's performance and manipulates the feelings of the crowds. Kondaktor's distorted approach enhance a mix of experimental tonalities that resemble those coming from a concrete mysterious setting, with electroacoustic influences, build in a low-fi aesthetic. In actual spaces, he has been organizing the "Reform" party series in Athens along with fellow DJs and he has recorded vocals for several different projects. You can listen to his Slydex/Kondaktor mixes via the undermentioned url links. Don't miss.
w/ Slydex, Aspara, PFG, Masahiko Takeda, Takashi Himeoka and more.

Date :
May 1st 2013 / Open Start 21:00 / Charge: Advance 2,000yen, Door 2,500yen (each 1drink 500yen)
Slydex on Resident Advisor :
Modal Analysis on Resident Advisor :
Mix - do/nothing 026 - Slydex :
Mix - modyfier process part 340 - Slydex vs. Kondaktor :
Steven Porter / 10 Label Official Website :
IL Y A Records Official Website :
Club Metro Kyoto :
Resident Advisor Events :
More Information :
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Steven Porter Live: Tuesday 19th March 2013, day before holiday, DEMDIKE STARE (ex: Modern Love, Dead-Cert, Pre-Cert Home Entertainment) will arrive again in Tokyo Japan. Lancastrian experimental venture, made up of Sean Canty and Miles Whittaker. Their spooky sound arrived at a moment in which there was an upswing in the dark stuff across the whole spectrum of electronic music. Demdike Stare's early series of releases on Modern Love was a prismatic refraction of the possibilities of the hauntological, found-sound realm. Ghostly, darkness, evil, erosion, rhythm, pervasive, bizarre, incredibility, generate, against, satanic, murder, aural approximation and apocalypse... Their most recent release "Elemental" is a compilation of four EPs released over the past few months - Crysanthemum, Violetta, Rose and Iris - but it feels haphazard in comparison to the impeccable pacing they've shown previously: there's little thematic continuity across these four EPs, and there's just as little cohesion with Elemental, which feels like they've thrown everything at the wall and let the splattered remnants drip down and form whatever patterns they please. Demdike Stare have sounded like they're trying to be scary rather than creating tension through unfamiliarity and feral weirdness. Modern Love is a record label based in Manchester, UK. In recent years, they have released records by Demdike Stare, Andy Stott, Claro Intelecto, Deepchord Presents Echospace, Pendle Coven, MLZ and others. Very unique deep sound music label. Also, Modern Love has three associated imprints: Young Americans, Hate and Daphne. From this country, the massive impact underground party Future Terror's boss - "Japan's best kept secret" - DJ NOBU (ex: Future Terror, Bitta) and the STEVEN PORTER (ex: 10 Label, Weevil Neighbourhood, Semantica Records) that German electronic music magazine Debug called "Masterpiece". Yuji Kondo will play with Katsunori Sawa a.k.a. EOC (ex: Ai Records, Weevil Neighbourhood) under the collaboration name STEVEN PORTER. Don't miss their new sets. Should go to Unit.
w/ Demdike Stare, DJ Nobu, MLZ, Compuma, Shhhhh and more.

Date :
March 19th 2013 / Open Start 23:00 / Charge: Advance 3,000yen, Door 3,500yen (til 24:00 3,000yen)
Unit Official Website :
Demdike Stare Official Facebook :
Modern Love Official Website :
DJ Nobu / Future Terror Official Website :
Steven Porter / 10 Label Official Website :
Demdike Stare "Elemental" - Music review on Tiny Mix Tapes :
(*Posted on March 10th 2013)


FACH LABEL comes back with a full volume album. Yuji Kondo alias DUCEREY ADA NEXINO's previous release in February 2012 "ORLY / SULLIVAN EP" [FACH021] has been echoed from many DJs and listeners. This time, the second track "Sullivan" has re-mixed again into the stunning variations with completely different characters by various techno producers from members of "NEW" Fach Label's family in Europe. All 8 remixes by OZKA (ex: Mowar, Re(Form)), URBANO (ex: Mechno, Mono Records), CHRIS PAGE (ex: Gynoid Audio, Affin), DAEGON (ex: Der Hut Records, Smallroom Music), IXEL (ex: Doppelgänger, Wall Music), HOLLOW MIND (ex: Genesa Records, Frucht) and DUCEREY ADA NEXINO (ex: 10 Label, Par Recordings) himself. Ducerey Ada Nexino's track "Sullivan" has remixed by himself and reborn for more dance floor tracks as both part one and two. More techno than before. But two carries his initial taste and feeling such like the acute angle. Chris Page's over-dark voice complex into somewhere in the black visual fields and goes out of that and comes into this again and again. Off set body-worker. Hollow Mind re-sculptings the original into the most ghost-like stranger in the LP with dazzling sonic nuances. Urbano's effective synthesis dubbed 4/4 wall of pattering stripped percussion, nicely power drums and more minimal slippy composition of vintage. It's petrifying desert doom refrain with nobody-claps, underground-high, mud-party dancefloors, driving compression chamber of remix track by Daegon. Ixel's straight killer low-wears the monster's cape and makes laser flashy around the rugged kick bass drums. Similarly melody and filtering cloudy or dropping of atmospheric material into your dream-coat and giving driving punches with compressed impact - intense form of dancefloor pressure, great rework has presented by Ozka. The German term Fach has plenty of meanings. On the one hand it means a division, a case or a pigeonhole and on the other hand it describes a skilled person or specialist. Fach Label founded by Thomas Dahms and is today operated by Thomas Dahms and Björn Spielmann, who are supported by a team of web designers, photographers and artists. The headquarter is based in Berlin, Germany. Keep eye on their activities in 2013. You can purchase [FACH024] "Sullivan Remixes LP" on Beatport digital download online store worldwide.

Beatport Digital Download Online Store :
Fach Official Website :
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(*Posted on February 21st 2013)


A new techno talent from Birmingham, Bethany DeMoss also known as SKIRT (ex: Horizontal Ground, Semantica Records, Perc Trax) has produced a new brilliant track "TUMULTO" for one of the few truly underground techno labels, SEMANTICA RECORDS in Madrid. Bethany has been djing and working behind the scenes in underground UK techno for the best part of a decade now. Skirt's debut 12inch was released on Spanish label Subsist and her Horizontal Ground debut EP "In The Meadow Under The Stars" was one of the best release on the label so far with the special occluded moods and atmosphere. Semantica Records' first release was in 2006, at the height of the minimal techno explosion, but the label founder Enrique Mena a.k.a. SVRECA (ex: Semantica Records, Zooloft, Our Circula Sound) decided to set up a label as a means to communicate with the outside world and having secured the services of well-known names like ERP and Vladislav Delay others followed, and artists like Regis, Orphx and Female have remixed other artists on the label. Semantica's approach is the direct opposite of almost all labels that slavishly follow a pre-ordained micro-genre. Under the circumstance like vinyl and cd formats are now an 80% collectors market, Semantica gains enormous supports of the underground sound music fans and artists in the world. This time, [SEMANTICA 27] Skirt "Tumulto" includes 2 remixes by SHIFTED (ex: Avian, Mote-Evolver, Prologue) and YUJI KONDO a.k.a. Ducerey Ada Nexino (ex: 10 Label, Genesa Records, Par Recordings). Yuji Kondo has developing his new original sound style with dazzlingly metalic hard-floor beats. It will become one of his best works certainly. You can listen to his origin Alternative Rock music on this vinyl, the same as his previous works under the Steven Porter (Yuji Kondo+Katsunori Sawa) on Semantica. Officially release date is set on February 12th 2013. Supported by Surgeon (ex: Counter Balance), Perc (ex: Perc Trax), Tommy Four Seven (ex: CLR), Kr!z (ex: Token), Edit Select (ex: Ostgut Ton), Jonas Kopp (ex: Spectral Sound), Alexey Volkov (ex: Planete Rouge), Shapednoise (ex: Repitch Recordings), Donor (ex: Stroboscopic Artefacts), Phone (ex: Subsist), Dimi Angelis (ex: Figure), Hector Oaks (ex: Fluxus Records), Iori (ex: Prologue), Victor Martinez (ex: Psychoskunk Recordings), Marcel Heese (ex: Tresor Club), Sebastian Kökow (ex: the29nov films), James Manning (ex: TEA) and many more DJs and producers. Available now [SEMANTICA 27] on Semantica's official Bandcamp online store and many electronic music record stores worldwide. Limited clear vinyl and digital download. Mastered by Boris Divider at 12SHAPE. Distributed by Clone Records. Don't miss this release.

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The final part of ADALOVELACED series comes to here. [GENESA073] "ADALOVELACED III" has released from Serbian techno label GENESA RECORDS on February 4th 2013. Yuji Kondo also known as DUCEREY ADA NEXINO made a heavy quality EP with big four. He has started to producing the Adalovelaced series since late 2009 with his original concept for Genesa Records. In the first and second of the series, many underground techno producers such as Seph (ex: Dumb-Unit, 11:00 a.m., Cityfox), Mekas (ex: Der Hut Records, Par Recordings, Cirque Du Minimaliste), Splatter (ex: Frucht, Der Hut Records, Jato Unit), Scalameriya (ex: Genesa Records, Eminor Records, Planet Rhythm Records) and many others have entered as the remixer and the both EPs have supported by Monoloc (ex: CLR, Smallroom Music, Sleaze Records) and Rebekah (ex: Naked Lunch, 8 Sided Dice, Stolen Moments) on the CLR Podcast by Chris Liebing. This time Yuji Kondo develops his new electronic sounds on several brilliant colours now more than ever. The first track "Levitation #94" completes a floor-burning set with brutally overdrived kickbass and into the deeply underground tunnel, more precise drums in a straight line, more howling, more setting high explosives, "Number Tracti". He pulls us through crisp rhythmic assaults and rough-plays his broken feedback boosters on the third track "Hemistich", takes a new turn "Farewell Cloak" with industrial stepper in frozen atmosphere, the most brilliant stuff in the EP. Strong 4-track EP from Japan. Original artwork by Yuji Kondo. It's proper for the concluding episode of a series. Supported by Tommy Four Seven (ex: CLR), Kr!z (ex: Token), Sawlin (ex: Vault Series), Phone (ex: Subsist) and many more DJs and producers. Loud or Loud. You can purchase [GENESA073] "Adalovelaced III" on Beatport digital MP3 download store worldwide.

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It will be a good sounds for us... Finally a Japanese electronic music producer DUCEREY ADA NEXINO first podcast has opened with his NYE liveset special in Melbourne Australia, "Electronic music with one and half sugars... Tea and Techno", It's just the TEA by JAMES MANNING. Monday 31st December 2012, Yuji Kondo played his liveset under the alias Ducerey Ada Nexino for UNIVERSAL ADVENTURE PREMIUM COUNTDOWN (Presented by Teion Club Entertainment from Osaka in Japan) at the most biggest space in the Kansai-region, UNIVERSE in Osaka with BLACK ASTEROID (ex: CLR) and TERENCE FIXMER (ex: Electric Deluxe). The venue is really an amazing place and has a capacity of 1,500 people. He recorded his livePA with some softwares, a digital camera's audio recorder and microphone then. It's for 60 minutes. This feature article gives him the podcast-debut. His first podcast of NYE live recording that debuts at TEA website, is available now as free download. By the way, in end of last year, James wrote "TEA's Top 100 Tracks for 2012" and selected a track "LEVEL IN SHADOW" (from "Kill Centre EP" / Sludge-Tapes 2012) of Ducerey Ada Nexino as the #13 ranking. TEA-man James Manning has supported many artists, DJs, producers, electronic music scenes and cultures. His interviews with some of the biggest names in techno have provided some great insight into the people behind the music, and have helped raise the profile of a number of artists on the international stage, such like Marcel Dettmann (ex: Marcel Dettmann Records), Robert Hood (ex: M-Plant), Adam X (ex: Sonic Groove), Milton Bradley (ex: Do Not Resist The Beat!), Dino Sabatini (ex: Prologue), Surgeon (ex: Dynamic Tension Records), Norman Nodge (ex: Ostgut Ton), Redshape (ex: Delsin), Len Faki (ex: Figure), AnD (ex: Horizontal Ground), Perc (ex: Perc Trax), Mike Parker (ex: Geophone), Lucy (ex: Stroboscopic Artefacts), Xhin (ex: Stroboscopic Artefacts), Tommy Four Seven (ex: CLR), Terence Fixmer (ex: Electric Deluxe), Subjected (ex: Vault Series), Markus Suckut (ex: SCKT), James Ruskin (ex: Blueprint), Edit Select, (ex: Edit Select Records) Roman Lindau (ex: Fachwerk), Sawf (ex: Perc Trax), Bleak (ex: Deeply Rooted House), Northern Structures (ex: Sonic Groove) and many more. You can check these out and more at James Manning's resident TEA website. Must check.

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Ducerey Ada Nexino Live: Friday, February 22nd 2013, Outis Music's boss DINO SABATINI (ex: Prologue, Fullpanda Records, Outis Music) comes to Osaka in Japan with his latest album "Shaman's Path" from Prologue in Germany. Dino Sabatini is a DJ, producer and sound designer, he gives the project "MODERN HEADS" birth together with his partner GIANLUCA MELONI. His solo-debut EP in 2008, "No More EP", inaugurates the Prologue label based in Munich, the record gets enthusiastic reviews all over the worldwide press with a renowned magazine such as De:Bug describing it as "Techno masterpiece". Again, his second release "In Vaders EP", still on Prologue imprint, reaches the most important techno djs charts whom regularly playlist both its sides. Within few weeks since the two releases, Dino Sabatini appears djing at Prologue label night at Berghain club, in Berlin as well as in many other highlighted clubs such as Panorama Bar - Tresor - Suicide Circus - Mikz. His 2010 work on Prologue, a double EP titled "Daughter of Phorsys" and conceived almost like an album split in two clearly different volumes, is the result of months spent in his Berlin-based studio, researching for a new level of sonorities that would underline a defined personality which blends dark techno with an industrial noise touch surrounded by hypnotic sequences. A mature product which Resident Advisor, Fact magazine and Beatport don't estate to review as one of the most capturing in its kind. Paul Clarke made the remark about his latest album in Resident Advisor's Reviews, "A PhD in advanced techno would probably be an advantage when listening to Dino Sabatini however. For whether as half of Modern Heads with Gianluca Meloni or the solo artist behind such tracks as 2008's "No More," the Italian producer's dark and austere techno is as determinedly highbrow as it is defiantly hard work. His decision to base 2010's Daughter Of Phorsys EP around the Greek gods showed a man clearly unafraid of accusations of pretentiousness. His debut album is similarly conceptual, exploring both the idea of the shaman and his own interpretation of African rhythms. Africa is hardly uncharted territory for Western dance music, the continent's traditional polyrhythmic percussion having been purloined by everyone from Leftfield to DJ Gregory and the entire Afro house movement. But Sabatini's approach is much different to simply chucking djembe samples over some loops. Indeed, apart from the syncopated drum patterns it's initially hard to discern any ethnic influences at all.". Yuji Kondo alias DUCEREY ADA NEXINO (ex: 10 Label, Genesa Records, Semantica Records) also comes back from that new year countdown gig and plays his new liveset for "Shaman's Path" release tour. Do not miss this event.
w/ Dino Sabatini, PFG, Yu Kawabata, Ryota Kanasaki, Sisima-L and more.

Date :
February 22 2013 / Open Start 18:00 Close 24:00 / Charge: Door 2,500yen, With Flyer 2,000yen
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RA News - Shaman's Path LP :
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(*Posted on January 17th 2013)


January 8th 2013, Montevideo-based minimal techno record label PAR RECORDINGS (ex: Par Wax) released a new EP "EXPERIMENTS IN DISAPPEARANCE EP" by Yuji Kondo's techno-based music project DUCEREY ADA NEXINO. All the solid type of South American minimal techno is in... Par Recordings (P-eople A-nalyze R-ecordings) is the label project of Jorge Castillo who is based in Montevideo, Uruguay, and releases his own productions under the alias of GEORGE PAAR. Par Recordings hope to offer artists from all over the world an artistic platform from which sound waves will be heard at the most discerning underground techno clubs. There are no boundaries for the label as there are no boundaries for music. Jorge Castillo also run the PAR WAX is vinyl-arm of Par Recordings. Recently, both labels' releases have been supported by leading underground techno artists Giorgio Gigli (ex: Zooloft, Prologue), Deepbass (ex: Informa Records, Dynamic Reflection), Go Hiyama (ex: Perc Trax, Stroboscopic Artefacts), Patrick Krieger (ex: Gynoid Audio, Shapeless Records), Claudio PRC (ex: Prologue, Mono Records) and many more artists. Always high quality music there. Ducerey Ada Nexino's Par Recordings debut EP "Experiments In Disappearance EP" is the most deeply dark in his previous releases, all tracks approach droning and atmospheric with freezing-field recordings on hypnotic loops. But powerful. Out of the widescreen and there's humanity in the centre. Set. You can purchase [PAR024] "Experiments In Disappearance" on Beatport digital MP3 download store worldwide. Supported by Perc (ex: Perc Trax), Dasha Rush (ex: Fullpanda Records), Samuli Kemppi (ex: Mote Evolver), Obtane (ex: Zooloft), Inigo Kennedy (ex: Asymmetric), Tommy Four Seven (ex: CLR), Adam X (ex: Sonic Groove), Reeko (ex: Mental Disorder), Rebekah (ex: CLR), Jonas Kopp (ex: Deeply Rooted House), Bas Mooy (ex: Perc Trax), Exium (ex: Planet Rhythm Records), Conrad Van Orton (ex: Consumer Recreation Service Recordings), Ness (ex: Prologue), Dadub (ex: Stroboscopic Artefacts) and many more DJs & producers. Enjoy.

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Ducerey Ada Nexino Live: Monday December 31st 2012, the teiONclub Entertainment will hold the UNIVERSAL ADVENTURE PREMIUM COUNTDOWN FESTIVAL at Misono UNIVERSE in Osaka Japan. One of the biggest techno event in Japan, the UNIVERSAL ADVENTURE comes back again with their premium countdown Japan tour for 4 days (day 1: Dec 28th at Eleven Tokyo, day 2: Dec 29th at Club About Nagoya, day 3: Dec 30th at Fab-space Himeji, day 4: Dec 31st at Universe Osaka). The world techno producers - BLACK ASTEROID & TERENCE FIXMER - arrive in Japan for the countdown to new year 2013. The tour final, venue is Osaka's power-spot Misono UNIVERSE, the old event space (the site of cabaret) established 50 years ago. The venue that's just right for very special as the new year countdown. Future power techno producer from London / New York, Bryan Black also known as BLACK ASTEROID (ex: CLR, Electric Deluxe, Dim Mak Records) is a member of MOTOR (ex: CLR, Dim Mak Records, NovaMute, Shitkatapult) - a live fusion of techno and electro that saw the duo quickly signed to NovaMute. Motor has also shared stages with the like of Daft Punk and Kraftwerk, and supported Depeche Mode in their 2009 world tour. Bryan Black set work on his new project Black Asteroid taking cues from artists such as Pan Sonic, Aphex Twin and Speedy J, as well as the more experimental, ambient and avant-garde nodes of techno, Black Asteroid is a multi-referential project that will continue to evolve and redefine itself. In Addition, TERENCE FIXMER (ex: Electric Deluxe, Planete Rouge Records, Turbo, International Deejay Gigolo Records) is one of France's most treasured protagonists of the techno scene, of which he has been at the forefront for over 10 successful years. Bringing his dark, atmospheric sound to prestigious dance floors that range from Berlin's mecca of techno to Paris' Rex Club. Equally at ease in the club or at a pure techno festival, he reached this respected level, without ever succumbing to excessive promotion or subscribing to the mainstream. Terence Fixmer's sound, which deftly avoids repetition by developing soundscapes that appeals to the club crowd, whilst still maintaining musical depth and integrity. As a pioneer, he above all preserves an original style, an increasingly experimental, simultaneously ruthless and unrelenting interpretation of modern Techno, instantly recognizable. And furthermore, Two key producers as the special guest act from Japan. DUCEREY ADA NEXINO a.k.a. Yuji Kondo (ex: 10 Label, Genesa Records, Semantica Records, Par Recordings) performs his newest live set for 60 minutes as the world exclusive premium live-act. Japanese big techno producer SHIN NISHIMURA (ex: Plus Records, Sleaze Records, SCI-TEC) plays the special dj set for the countdown. Really a magnificent lineup. Sound systems by KANNON SOUND. Don't miss this event.
w/ Black Asteroid, Terence Fixmer, Shin Nishimura, D41 ex. energy dai, DJ hidetaka, DJ Yasuhiro, DJ Fujioka, Takatsugu Wada, Detroit Jaxx, Alakaloid Dancer, Act 74, Jamgraph, Sence Of Wonder, Nanao Tattoo, CUE, Kannon Sound and more.

Date :
December 31 2012 / Open Start 13:00 Close 01:00 / Charge: Door [13:00-15:00] 13yen, [15:00-18:00] 2,013yen, [18:00-01:00] 3,013yen
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Finally completed. The first vinyl release of GENESA RECORDS from Serbia, "SUMMONING SEQUENCE / GUIDE" [GENESA001V] is a transparent-clear vinyl 12inch limited edition including "Summoning Sequence", the original work by SCALAMERIYA (ex: Genesa Records, Eminor Records, Planet Rhythm Records), remixed by ANCIENT METHODS (ex: Sonic Groove, RSB, Fondation Sonore) and "Guide", the original work by DUCEREY ADA NEXINO (ex: 10 Label, Semantica Records, Par Recordings), remixed by EXIUM (ex: Nheoma, Planet Rhythm Records, Audio Assault). Special artwork by JULI JAH. Genesa-boss Nikola Grebovic alias Scalameriya's "Summoning Sequence" pulls great source material like metal-mirror sound of ruffness sparring with funky idm beats. A bruxist churn of industrial drums organized with a signature kink for the dancefloor. Superior industrial techno from Ancient Methods brings the pain with a masterful remix for side A. AM is always stunning and the industrial techno is living here. Flip on side, Ducerey Ada Nexino's proper noise operating has always going strong, this time "Guide" also completes it on not shaken rolling beats with stir-around rough bass. Machinery. Sterling Exium Remix on B2, Valentín Corujo & Héctor Sandoval reset the kicks and bassline with wide-eyed senses of space and re-twisted with subtly delayed materials for aerodynamic flow. Essential. Official vinyl release date is set on December 3rd 2012. Distributed by Triple Vision Record Distribution in Netherlands. [GENESA001V] has already supported by many underground techno DJs in the world, such as Chris Liebing, Oscar Mulero, Perc, DJ Hyperactive, Inigo Kennedy, Tommy Four Seven, Lucy, Dadub, DJ Emerson, Ascion, Psyk, Thomas Hessler, Ness, Speedy J, Bas Mooy, Adam X, Audio Injection, DVS1, Developer, Norman Nodge and many more. You can purchase the limited vinyl edition of [GENESA001V] on some big record stores in the world or Triple Vision Records online store directly, and the digital release will be available on January 7th 2013 on Beatport digital MP3 download store. Must check.

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(*Posted on December 3rd 2012 / Updated on January 7th 2013)


November 5th 2012, "GOLDEN HAZE EP" is the fifth single released by Yuji Kondo under the alias DUCEREY ADA NEXINO, his first EP for KAPUTT MUSIK in Berlin, Germany. Driving drill steps make the brutal noise feedback with violent movin' frequencies, pulverizing concrete complex, tranced-rising electronic synths and dark droning on back ground, which reminds us of Adam X's overdrive breaks, fearless acoustic back-drones like Demdike Stare, Perc's A New Brutality and Steven Porter's remix of Svreca. There are three variations for original mix of title-track "Golden Haze". This release will be the most brutal sound in his previous releases. Remixed by the new dubbish technoid producer from Stuttgart, URBANO (ex: Mekanism Records, Freitag Limited) and Kaputt Musik's co-founder COETER ONE (ex: Frucht Label, Wall Music). Coeter One a.k.a. Thomas Klotzki is also focused on his own label FRUCHT, run by him and his partner SPLATTER a.k.a. Frank Gonzalez (ex: Der Hut Records, Hidden Recordings) in Berlin Germany. Coeter One and Frucht releases were charted by names like Troy Pierce (ex: M_nus, Items & Things) and hit the minimal Top Sales non-stop. He is one of essential techno producers in new generation. Recently Kaputt Musik has released the limited vinyl series with some proper dubby techno or hard pounding industrial techno by D. Carbone, Knobs and Luis Flores. You can purchase [KAPUTT016] "Golden Haze EP" on Beatport digital MP3 download store worldwide. Enjoy.

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(*Posted on November 6th 2012)


August 21st 2012, Berlin-based label KAPUTT MUSIK released their 11th "Ventilateur EP" by the new young music producer DEAM also known as Lucas Demeurs. Kaputt Musik was established as the new label in early 2012 by the Frucht-Label founders Splatter and Coeter One. Lucas was born in Marseille France and began music works under the name Deam since 2011. His music is a unique compostion with the digital compression chamber and looking-grass textures. You can listen & get his past releases on Beatport digital download music store. This EP includes Ducerey Ada Nexino's analog noise experiment on track-number 3. Folding blackest improvised riffs and whitest background air and stepping into the technoid hardcore hole without a fork all along. You can purchase [KAPUTT011] "Ventilateur EP" on Beatport digital MP3 download store worldwide.

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(*Posted on August 22nd 2012)


Steven Porter Live: Monday July 16th 2012, the electronic sound music festival from Japan "IDLEMOMENTS" at the old established club METRO in Kyoto Japan. This time, special guest-act is Vladislav Delay also known as a Finnish artist Sasu Ripatti. Vladislav Delay is one of the pseudonyms of him. He has released EPs and albums on labels such as Chain Reaction, Force Tracks, Raster-Noton, Mille Plateaux... under different names have conceptually varied: Vladislav Delay, Luomo, Uusitalo and Sistol. Sasu Ripatti has also recorded with Antye Greie (AGF/Delay), Craig Armstrong (The Dolls), Moritz von Oswald Trio and more. Sophisticated textural qualities. Yuji Kondo will play live-pa with Katsunori Sawa, under the name STEVEN PORTER: Yuji Kondo+Katsunori Sawa.
w/ Vladislav Delay, Ametsub, Submerse, Madegg, Metome, Polar M, Hakobune, Route09, Eadonmm, Doopiio, Yuki Aoe, Kezzardrix, Ogaooooo, Ryo Miyanaga, Takuma Nakata, Tatsuya Fujimoto, Takayoshi Ikeguchi, Kishimoto Kazuhisa and more.

Date :
July 16 2012 / Open Start 16:00 / Charge: Adv 2,000yen Door 2,500yen
Vladislav Delay :
IdleMoments :
Club Metro Kyoto :
Ticket Pia (You can get tickets in advance) :
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(*Posted on July 1st 2012)


April 23th 2012, the Adalovelaced series coming back again. Serbian unique techno music label GENESA RECORDS released their 60th product as "ADALOVELACED II" by DUCEREY ADA NEXINO also known as Yuji Kondo, member of the Steven Porter (ex: Semantica Records, Weevil Neighbourhood) and a founder of 10 Label. "Adalovelaced II" is the 2nd part of Adalovelaced series as his 4th studio solo single by the techno-based project Ducerey Ada Nexino. In early 2010, the 1st part "Adalovelaced I" was released on Genesa Records, new focus on techno, experimental, glitch, noise, electro-acoustics and electronica underground music scenes. The EP became one of Genesa's best sellers in 2010, supported by the international DJs such as Richie Hawtin, Monoloc and Mike Wall, the CLR Podcast. It was a great release. Remember... included with hit and long-sales track "004_Soup Pt.2 (Mekas Remix)" with amazing remixes. Part 2 "Adalovelaced II" was recorded in Osaka and Tokyo in early 2011. Ducerey Ada Nexino abandoned his 4/4 techno beat and coloured glitches on the original tracks, using the grainy dub ground sounds, deep drone ambient, and bobbing up and down rough compressed noise. Simple kicks and dirty grooves. Original artwork by Yuji Kondo. Dubby riff, brushee percussions, unconscious vocals, grand-scale feedback ambience and delaying effects like reggae or dub. Remixes by Seph (ex: Dumb-Unit, 11:00 a.m.), Scalameriya (ex: Genesa Records, Der Hut) and Yoma (ex: Music Kollektiv, Genesa Records). Fearless. You can purchase [GENESA060] "Adalovelaced II" on Beatport digital MP3 download store worldwide. Enjoy.

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The first part of series "Adalovelaced" in 2010 :
(*Posted on April 23rd 2012)


Dark Daze Music Inc. by Carlos Perón and Movit Records by Martin Dimitrov, they collaborated in releasing the remixes single of "La Salle Blanche". The original "La Salle Blanche" is Carlos Perón's 1994 masterpiece and released at the German record label "10.000 Zippers" specialized in Carlos Perón releases and remains a giant hit in the scene. It's called Carlos's best work. They ordered internationally renowned artists and DJs to remix and create five excellent remixes. The most dark remix likes a dance into an endtime hell by Ducerey Ada Nexino from Japan, Acid house robe by Marcus Vector from Berlin, Martin Dimitrov's remixes are in the quality dubstep tech-house style from Bulgaria. Carlos Perón is a founder of the legendary electronic band YELLO (ex: Elektra Records, Play It Again Sam) and international successfull artist. YELLO was originally formed by Boris Blank (Keyboards, Sampling, Percussion, Backing vocals) and Carlos Perón (Tapes) in the late 1970's. Dieter Meier (Vocals, Lyrics), a millionaire industrialist and gambler, was brought in when the two founders realized that they needed a singer. They are probably best known for their singles "The Race" and "Oh Yeah", which feature a mix of electronic music and manipulated vocals, as does most of their music. Dark Daze Music Inc. has followed by release on the electronic dance music label Movit Records, a whole remix pack from the legendary "La Salle Blanche" is coming up digitally: release-dates are March 30th 2012 on Movit Records and April 13th 2012 on Dark Daze Music Inc.. Pointed out to the next generation, this project brings back the legacy from the early 90's. Available the digital-downloads on Beatport Online Store, Juno Download Online Store, Amazon MP3 Store and more shops.

Beatport Download MP3 Store :
Juno Download MP3 Store :
Amazon Download MP3 Store :
Carlos Perón :
Dark Daze Music Inc. :
Movit Records :
(*Posted on April 3rd 2012)


Steven Porter Live: Friday March 30th 2012, "CLAUDIO PRC INNER STATE ALBUM RELEASE TOUR" at the new event-space CONPASS in Osaka Japan. Sardinian techno artist Claudio PRC will come to Japan in March. Japan tour details are March 30th at Conpass Osaka and April 6th at Eleven Tokyo. This time, the release tour for his first album "Inner State" [PRGLP002] from Prologue. Prologue is a independent international underground music label located in Germany, also know as releasing for Dino Sabatini, Cio D'Or, Donato Dozzy, Milton Bradley, Adam X, Mike Parker... many more popular techno artists on the underground music scene. It's one of the hottest techno record label in the world. Claudio PRC debuted back in 2010 with "Diving Point EP" on Elettronica Romana. Since then he's settled in with Prologue. Prologue will release Claudio PRC's first full-length album "Inner State LP" on March 29th 2012 with digital-download and amazing double 12 inch vinyls. Claudio PRC is one of the first to mention. His understanding of profound and overwhelming beats is extraordinary. Claudio abducts us in a world of minimalistic sound experience opening a new universe of impelling simplicity. Claudio is equipped to receive all credits an astonishing instrumentalist deserves. You can pre-listen to a sampler of the album on Prologue official SoundCloud page. Yuji Kondo will play live-pa with Katsunori Sawa, under the name STEVEN PORTER: Yuji Kondo+Katsunori Sawa. Techno.
w/ Claudio PRC, Yoshiyuki Takeda, se, Ryota Kanasaki and more.

Date :
March 30 2012 / Open Start 18:00 / Charge: Adv 2,500yen Door 3,000yen
Claudio PRC :
Conpass Osaka :
Prologue :
PRGLP002 "Inner State" Sampler :
More Information :
(*Posted on March 15th 2012)


Steven Porter Live: March 10th 2012, FRUE presents "Etheric Uprise" at Unit Daikanyama Tokyo. Enrique Mena also known as Svreca from Semantica Records is coming to Japan. This young Madrid-born DJ combines the coolest and most sophisticated electronica with the most abstract and complex techno, and sometimes his experimentation leads him towards the most unusual textures and rhythms for the dancefloor. His stay Japan is the first time for himself. It's a big news for us. Svreca will play DJ at "FRUE - Etheric Uprise" at Unit Daikanyama on Saturday 10th March, which should be an excellent venue for his sound, along with Raz Mesinai a.k.a Badawi (Asphodel, ROIR), Steven Porter - a Japanese techno act by Katsunori Sawa and Yuji Kondo that has released on Semantica Records - , and DJ Inner Science by Masumi Nishimura from Japan. It's very interesting night of music. And beforehand, Svreca will play DJ at Dommune with DJ A Taut Line on Thursday 8th March. Organized by mnml ssgs. Can't miss. You can check the details on the following website url links, or Twitter and Facebook etc. Semantica Records is a independent label focused to techno/IDM based in Madrid Spain, established in 2006 by Svreca. Semantica has built a very strong reputation in recent years for high quality output of techno, electro, IDM and related sounds. Keep your eyes in the future. Svreca has almost no mixes online. His only podcast was for Clubbing Spain 2010, but the mix still sounds very fresh and current. Must check, also.
w/ Svreca, Raz Mesinai a.k.a. Badawi, Inner Science, Nanase, Atsushi Maeda, DJ Okiishi, Peco, C_Olvrin and more.

Date :
March 10 2012 / Open Start 23:00 / Charge: Adv 3,000yen Door 3,500yen Flyer 2,000yen
Frue :
Unit Tokyo :
mnml ssgs :
Dommune :
CS Podcast 039 - Svreca 2010 :
Semantica Records :
(*Posted on February 28th 2012)


Ducerey Ada Nexino Live: CLR world tour. Sunday February 26th 2012, the Techno-king from Frankfurt Germany Chris Liebing (CLR / NovaMute) and British-born spirited artist Tommy Four Seven (CLR / Brique Rouge) will come to Osaka Japan. The teiONclub Entertainment presents "CLR 2012 x UNIVERSAL ADVENTURE". The Kansai big Techno party UNIVERSAL ADVENTURE will be updated and come back again this time. Event venue is Osaka's power-spot Misono UNIVERSE, the old event space (the site of cabaret) established 50 years ago. Special supported by 150 Jahre Freundschaft Deutschland-Japan. Amazing history there. Today, the Techno music record label CLR's podcast has two million listeners in the world and they exert an immeasurable influence on dance music scene. It's "Create Learn Realize". The rest needs no explanation. You can listen/see/touch... feel the world's best electronic body music. Don't miss it. Special Japanese guest live-act is Ducerey Ada Nexino aka Yuji Kondo (10 Label, Genesa Records, Sludge-Tapes, Semantica Records). His newest live-set 45 minutes for this time only with many new brutal tracks. Fill.
w/ Chris Liebing, Tommy Four Seven, D41 ex.energydai, DJ Yasuhiro, DJ Fujioka, hidetaka, COMPRESSED 8, Detroit Jaxx, Yuka, Sence of Wonder, Awavi and more.

Date :
February 26 2012 / Open 14:00 Close 23:00 / Charge: Door 3,000yen (+ 1drink 500yen), Entrance till 17:00 2,000yen (+ 1drink 500yen)
CLR - Create Learn Realize :
Misono Universe Osaka :
150 Jahre Freundschaft Deutschland-Japan :
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(*Posted on February 16th 2012)


February 15th 2012, Tokyo's unique independent music label SLUDGE-TAPES released "Kill Centre" is a brand new cassette tape single from music producer and sound artist Ducerey Ada Nexino aka Yuji Kondo, member of Steven Porter and founder of 10 Label. Limited edition of 'C24 chrome grade cassette black' with original designed cover, "Kill Centre" includes 4 tracks that Ducerey Ada Nexino enters a compelling new phase of evolution. These tracks signify a renewed. The analog compression chamber "Test Card" has fearless distortion-guitar-punk with slow collapse and plunges into the single's centerpiece "Level In Shadow". You will see the sight wobble ground with your own eyes... the black steppin' techno here. Deep strikes in silence "Nocturnal Dreams" and walk in dirt with sound likes newest abstract dub-techno "Halo". Hypnotized by the music. Essential. SLUDGE is an electronic music label founded by miclodiet in 2011 in association with the remarkable standout performance space Ochiai Soup Tokyo Japan. Sludge-boss miclodiet is an electronic music artist also known as the Ultra Functor (w/ Atsuhiro Ito as the Optron wizard), one of Tokyo's weapon on the underground experimental music scene. He has a unique music style with massive groovy drum-beat and quality hi-frequency dazzling noise. It's like the future techno. New independent electronic sound label Sludge's debut products #001-miclodiet, #002-Yousuke Fuyama and #003-Kelly Churko were released at the same time in late 2011 and the triple releases already got the brilliant quality sounds for a word "Sludge". It's amazing products from Tokyo. Sludge will be acknowledged as the headmusic for music lovers from Tokyo Japan. Keep your eyes. Available now on the label's official website and the other record stores.

Sludge-Tapes :
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(*Posted on February 15th 2012)


Second transmission for the DNA-Exchange from Serbian techno next generation Genesa Records, [GENESA055] "The DNA-Exchange: Resurgence" was released exclusively on February 6th 2012. All completed 17 tracks by Seph, Ducerey Ada Nexino, Scalameriya, Dubit, Mike Wall, Hollow Mind, Reagen, Kruko, HanChi, Splatter, Cigarette Smoking Man, Shotten Synapse, Dr. Nojoke, Coeter One, Oblivion, Insect Elektrika and Julio Portillo. It's probably the most dancefloor friendly, however it's incredibly dark in the best possible sense. Grungy, stylish, heavily, intensity, vividly, quality, proggy... They're all killer. Includes the rough surface sonic industrial 4/4 brutal form in sludgy field-drones... "Gappa" by Ducerey Ada Nexino as Yuji Kondo. Evil. Available now to download as MP3 or WAV. Download the release, GENESA055, at Beatport, the recognized leader in electronic music.

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(*Posted on February 7th 2012)


February 1st 2012, Ducerey Ada Nexino's new release "Orly / Sullivan EP" [FACH 21] was released from Berlin Techno label Fach exclusively on Beatport. The German term Fach has plenty of meanings. On the one hand it means a division, a case or a pigeonhole and on the other hand it describes a skilled person or specialist. Fach Label founded by Thomas Dahms and is today operated by Thomas Dahms and Björn Spielmann, who are supported by a team of web designers, photographers and artists. The headquarter is based in Berlin, Germany. "Orly / Sullivan EP" is the 2nd studio single by the Techno-based solo project Ducerey Ada Nexino, following the 1st studio single "Adalovelaced I" from Serbian Techno record label Genesa Records. The first track "Sullivan" features his live-session from early 2011. Rockin' drums, rough noise compression, dirty boost, brutal cuttings and massive rise to that far. The next "Orly" has the deeply dub-taste with the striking mysterious vocals, smoothy compressed bass-lines and delaying bomb-attack. Remixes by Björn Spielmann, Volster, HanChi and Utek. Vivid/vague. Available now on Beatport digital download store.

Fach Label Official Website :
Beatport Digital Download Online Store :
(*Posted on February 2nd 2012)


Steven Porter Live: Tokyo's weapon miclodiet's 2011 debut new independent electronic sound label SLUDGE presents "Sludge-Tapes Release Party" at SuperDeluxe Roppongi Tokyo Japan. This time 1st showcase for the label and will be performed by Sludge-owner miclodiet from the unique electronic duo Ultra Functor (w/ Atsuhiro Ito as the Optron wizard), Yousuke Fuyama also known as the lecturer in Max/MSP/Jitter, Massive strongest onkyo PAINJERK by Kohei Gomi, Tokyo experimental scene god Kelly Churko, Steven Porter as Yuji Kondo+Katsunori Sawa from 10 Label in Kyoto, Abstract-harsh duo tesco suicide by Blackphone666+Drastik Adhesive Force, suzukiiiiiiiiii x youpy without introductory essay, DJ Nobuki Nishiyama also known as a contributor or planner in Tokyo, the master of disguises DJ Evil Penguin and the experimental sound/visual duo VJ SeeMyDimple. Sludge's debut products #001, #002 and #003 were released at the same time in late 2011 and the triple releases already got the brilliant quality sounds for a word "Sludge"... smells like the black-steppin' techno, grunge filtered fat kicks, hi-freq operated world noise, cutting groove connections, boosted mechano landscapes by programing softwares, quality glitches, more than pulse, the professional underground and many violent. But it's essential. All releases are not the digital download, the cassette tapes with simply colors. It's amazing products from Tokyo. miclodiet's new label Sludge will be acknowledged as the headmusic for music lovers from industrial Tokyo. Recommended.
w/ miclodiet x Yousuke Fuyama, PAINJERK x Kelly Churko, tesco suicide (Blackphone666 x Drastik Adhesive Force), suzukiiiiiiiiii x youpy, DJ Nobuki Nishiyama, DJ Evil Penguin, VJ SeeMyDimple and more.

Date :
January 28 2012 / Open 18:00 / Charge: 2,000yen
SuperDeluxe :
More Information :
(*Posted on January 11th 2012)


German quality techno music record label FRUCHT headmaster Frank Gonzales also known as the electronic music producer Splatter has attracted a deal of the underground techno music scene, his 2011 masssively anticipated full length album "Histoires Nokturnes" has remixed by many techno producers. Remixes by Ducerey Ada Nexino, Ixel, Dubit, Coeter One, Hollow Mind, Reagen, Tiari, Cigarette Smoking Man and Marek Tejchik. Black or white, individual bassline sequence, filtered booster, rough surface noise, doppler effect chords on wrong tuned synths, warped voice sampling and wide stereo fields... into the liquid atmosphere of techno playground. The remix album "Histoires Nokturnes Remixes" was released from Serbian next generation of techno Genesa Records on Jan 9th 2012. This is the definitive sound of proper hi-end quality techno from Genesa's first release in 2012. Movement. Available now GENESA053 on Beatport digital download music online store.

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(*Posted on January 10th 2012)


You open the doors of electronic music perception to welcome the spanish bastion of IDM/Techno/Electronica, Semantica Records celebrates five years of the label with final part of fifth anniversary compilation series. [SEMANTICA 30.5] VARIOUS ARTISTS "5 YEARS COMPILATION PART FIVE" with four great pieces from Karl O'Connor, Peter Sutton, Richard Harvey, AW/SS, Svreca, Marcel Dettmann and Steven Porter. Firstly there's "Public Beheading", Karl O'Connor aka Regis, Peter Sutton aka Female and Richard Harvey combined their abilities on the Semantica 5 years compilation series. The hypnotic hash-swirl of heavy-lidded synthdrones, pitch black wave of phantasms, prodding of punkish noise and the dark elegance in total. Needless to say... Sick. AW/SS showing the sort of freezing mixture techno tools with the silver-spray melody, dynamic electro-acoustic diffusions as future industrial mechanics. ''Nonnative" is a tougher peak time track based around body jacking in midnight dance floor... But simply there, Ace. On the flip, the master craftsman Marcel Dettmann's remix of Svreca's "Obscur" track, it's elegant rolling dub techno. The track was constructed with inspiration from Semantica-head Svreca aka Enrique Mena's original "Obscur" track. The most smoothy, spacial mystery delaying with staying power, rolling energy-powered bassline and immense dub trip. Killer. Finally, "Moonlight Graham" is, from Japanese electronic duo Steven Porter aka Yuji Kondo+Katsunori Sawa, a proper industrial techno that never listen in their before releases, marching bravely on the rock mountain with the Basic Channel-like driving delay attack and freezing atmospheric field-recordings like the old films' view. Straight. The record comes as black or white vinyl 12", limited copies. Available on Semantica Records, Juno Records, Clone Records, wordandsound, Underground Gallery, Chemical Records, Rush Hour Store, K-Records, and more vinyl shops.

Semantica Records :
Bandcamp :
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(*Posted on December 17th 2011)


Steven Porter Live: New and powerful sound artist shotahirama and his independent sound label SIGNALDADA present "SAD VACATION WORLD TOUR" at Club METRO Kyoto Japan. "Sad Vacation" is the innovational electronic music CD Album from a sound artist shotahirama, released from the record label SIGNALDADA in March 2011. Capturing the intense force of various field recording sounds in Tokyo, Hong Kong, London and New York to create a mind blowing audio sculpture. Unique blend of cracked electronics, near awkward ambient textures that always seem to flow smoothly like the most natural of sounds around, building up a great set of modern electronic music. "Sad Vacation" contains 42 tracks (20 minutes) slowly evolve in great patches of aural beauty. shotahirama is a sound artist/novelist from New York and currently live in Tokyo. Inspired by modern art, dada, bauhaus and postmodern literature. Also known for the founding of the SIGNALDADA. His 1st CD Album "Sad Vacation" is highly regarded from various quarter, such as the unique arrangement of field recordings and conceptual or topological sound form. This time "SAD VACATION KYOTO", he will play with the special guest evala (port, ATAK), Steven Porter (10 Label, Semantica Records, Weevil Neighbourhood) and DJ Tatsuya (night cruising).
w/ shotahirama, evala, Tatsuya Shimada, and more.

Date :
December 11 2011 / Open 19:00 Start 20:00 / Charge: Reserve 2,000yen, Door 2,500yen (without drink)
Club Metro :
More Information :
*For reservations, please visit this page :
(*Posted on November 28th 2011)


There's another spot on the yet scarcely drafted map of the Weevil Neighbourhood... Their new release, a 12" by Steven Porter aka Katsunori Sawa and Yuji Kondo in Japan. The "LR EP", codenamed and catalogue numbered "CONPASS" comes as a three track EP (all untitled), starting up with a massive and intimidating wall-of-sound-drone-o-rama with the occasional gap to let you catch your breath. A2 - more complaisantly and subtlely - meditates on what could be residues of Drum & Bass perceived through an overseas call from your subconscious. After letting you fathom the extremes, the second side of the record is haunted by the perfect mixture of both, resulting in a mindblowing, steam rolling and stumbling monster of a track to shatter the empty dancefloors of your own little mental disco. German monthly electronic music magazine De:bug has considered the LR EP "A MASTERPIECE". The record comes as red vinyl 12", hand-stamped and -numbered, limited to 300 copies for the world. Official release date is set for November 14th, 2011. Distributed by Cargo Records UK music distribution. You can find audio clips on the Weevil's SoundCloud and more details on Discogs. Available now on the label official website, Discogs, Cargo Records London, Suburban Trash Industries Dresden, A-Musik Cologne, HMV UK, Norman Records Leeds. All the usual online retailers (Juno, Boomkat, Chemical...) will have the record in the course of the next two weeks. Berliners can purchase the release(s) at Staalplaat, Oye Records, Praxis, Tricky Tunes and the Ad Noiseam online store amongst others.

The Weevil Neighbourhood :
Cargo Records UK :
(*Posted on November 13th 2011)


Fourth Kind, a Grand Rapids, Michigan based record label established in 2010 by Memnok (Der Hut / Divided / Frucht) and Duky (Plastik.FM / Substudio / Tracer). They are dedicated to releasing cutting edge techno, tech house and minimal music. The label's 60th release "The Hip Death Goddess" is a dark minimal techno EP from the young techno producer Eiht (Eminor Binary / Divided / Android Muziq) and 3 remixes by Ducerey Ada Nexino (Genesa / Frucht / Emote), Elysee (Indalo / Dark and Sonorous / Divided) and Eyeshake (Fourth Kind / Redukt / Daltonism). Available now on the recognized leader in digital download music store, Beatport.

Fourth Kind :
Beatport :
(*Posted on October 5th 2011)


Nothing will come of nothing. The most exciting music has produced by the perfect unbalance, or wellbalanced - makes you the body pop in your indivisual scenes . The something gratifies the listener's curiosity or personal desires. No more, no less... Everything's concluded from the beginning. Our new departure "MU EP" will come of nothing, but living... 10 Label's first release "MU EP" incl. 4 tracks by Ancient Methods, Steven Porter, Anne-James Chaton and Sawlin - with Cover-artwork by Syl Anasse, Cover-design by Jason Smith from, Mastering by Naweed Ahmed from Whitfield Mastering London. Limited edition with the artwork sleeves. 'Pitch black techno war funk' or 'Industrial mechanics'... Ancient Methods bring out the real electronic body music. The Steven Porter unfurls with the magnificence classical gear. French sound-poet Anne-James Chaton is back with another killer track after his previously collaborative release with Alva Noto 'Unitxt' on Raster-Noton. Supreme industrial techno heaviness by Sawlin from the enigmatic label Vault Series. A welting basement killer for the dance floor. Play loud. You can check more information on Label Website or Kompakt Online Store.

10 Label :
Kompakt :
(*Posted on September 1st 2011)


Frucht only deals with fresh fruits... Frucht as a label was designed and created with the objective of bringing electrical freshness - just like fruits - but now in a musical way. Based in Berlin it is an electronic music label that zeros in primarily on nu-generation Techno, Minimal and House with the main approach to release high quality underground music. 10th transmission "Wilde Früchte" from Frucht, imagine to put Hanchi, Splatter, Ducerey Ada Nexino, The Noisemaker, Coeter One and Reagen in the same release, from France to Mexico and from Japan to Italy. All 6 artists team up for a highly effective new fruit with dubbier sphere, pneumatic percussions, relentless throbber, tension building synthlines, massively swollen in the wormhole of driving bass, pounded martial kickdrum... Techno Rollers Romantic. Available now on the recognized leader in digital download music store, Beatport.

Frucht :
Beatport :
(*Posted on June 9th 2011)


Ducerey Ada Nexino Live: Agi Yuzuru presents "Wir Sind Sohne Von Stockhausen" at nu things JAJOUKA in Osaka Japan. Agi Yuzuru is a editor, publisher, producer and music critic. Agi was regarded as one of "Big Three" critics in Japan in 70~80s. Other critics are: Toyo Nakamura and Yoichi Shibuya. He created the term "Techno Pop" on "Rock Magazine" which he edited and published in mid 70s. He was also founder of "Vanity Records" which regarded as the first independent record label in Japan. Differ from other music critics, Agi has been focusing on "New music" of the time till now on. He introduced "Edgy" music around the world from mid70s to now.
w/ Jun Nishimura, koemasaRAM, NASAA, Agi Yuzuru, and more.

Date :
April 30 2011 / Start: 19:00 / Charge: 2,000yen (incl. 1drink)
nu things JAJOUKA :
(*Posted on April 18th 2011)


Genesa's 35th release "Synonyms EP" for a collaboration by two young & spirited music producers of the neo body techno, Splatter and Marek Tejchik. Detonating kicks, swinging effects, brilliant noise textures, serious stomping gears... and controlled trajectory for the heaviest moments. Genesa's stance. You can listen to this loud to understand how your limbs need to be modified to keep up. Two original mixes by Splatter and Marek Tejchik. Including remixes by Ducerey Ada Nexino, Scalameriya, Dubit and Insect Elektrika. Available now on the recognized leader in digital download music store, Beatport.

Genesa Records :
Beatport :
(*Posted on March 2nd 2011)


Genesa Records 32nd release "Frozen 02″ out now. "Frozen 02″ is the second part of "Frozen Compilation" series, Genesa's selected hit tracks during the past two years, Including 10 tracks by Scalameriya, Ducerey Ada Nexino, Christopher Benjamin, Oblivion, Splatter, Shotten Synapse and more. Available now to download as MP3 or WAV. Download the release, GENESA032, at Beatport, the recognized leader in electronic music.

Genesa Records :
Beatport :
(*Posted on January 22nd 2011)


Ducerey Ada Nexino Live: Experimental electronic and improvisation label ATAK presents "ATAK Dance Hall" at Unit Tokyo Japan. LivePA by Keiichiro Shibuya and evala with 3 hours Dance Hall set, and DJ sets by Ametsub and Daito Manabe. Visual performances by Satoru Higa+ISHII 2bit+SUZUKI Takashi and Daihei Shibata. At B3F Saloon, Ochiai Soup presents "LINE" will be opened with Ducerey Ada Nexino, miclodiet, Miya, Yoshida and Taro Sugawara.
w/ Keiichiro Shibuya, evala, Ametsub, Daito Manabe, Satoru Higa, ISHII 2bit, Suzuki Takahashi, Daihei Shibata, miclodiet, Miya, Yoshida, Taro Sugawara, and more.

Date :
January 15 2011 / Start: 23:00 / Charge: 2,000yen (with Flyer), Door 2,000yen (before 01:00), 2,500yen (after 01:00)
Unit :
Saloon :
*You can download the flyer from this URL :
(*Posted on January 3rd 2011)


Serbian electronic dance music label Genesa Records 31st release "Frozen 01″ out now. You can get all the Genesa bombs at a reduced price. "Frozen 01″ is a part of "Frozen Compilation" series. Including Genesa hit tracks for two years, "Meeting Evil Puppets (Ducerey Ada Nexino Remix)". Available now to download as MP3 or WAV. Download the release, GENESA031, at Beatport, the recognized leader in electronic music.

Genesa Records :
Beatport :
(*Posted on December 24th 2010)


New release "Obscur. Alternative" from Svreca on the Spanish independent label Semantica Records on December 10th 2010. Semantica established in 2006 by Svreca also known as Enrique Mena, focused to Techno / IDM based in Madrid. Avant garde and tradition; vinyl, advanced design, silk development, handmade details, limited quantities, past, future, Semantica... His new release "Obscur. Alternative" features 5 tracks, keep exploring all boundaries of electronic music. Included remixes from Claro Intelecto and Yuji Kondo+Katsunori Sawa aka Steven Porter. Available now on vinyl and digital format, 12″ limited to 400 copies. First 100 copies on clear vinyl for mailorder to Semantica Records.

Semantica Records :
Clone Records :
(*Posted on December 8th 2010)


October 10th 2010, Katsunori Sawa and Yuji Kondo established the independent label "10 Label" based in Kyoto Japan. They will announce the details in future... more information coming soon on the official label website.

10 Label :
(*Posted on October 10th 2010)


Emote Music, a Colorado-based record label run by Jacob Todd and John Templeton, strives to promote forward-thinking dance music utilizing resources and talent from across the globe. Founded in 2006, Emote began by releasing progressive house music. This time, Emote Music travels to Italy for their 34th release "Kill Discos EP" by the young, up and coming producer, The Noisemaker. The two originals feature dark, twisted vocal samples, riding sub-basses, spaced-out and techy sounds. Featuring remixes by Daegon, Ducerey Ada Nexino and Oban. Supported by Paco Osuna, Skoozbot, Kyle Geiger, Drumcell, Noah Pred, Pheek, and many more. The release is out August 17th on WhatPeoplePlay exclusively for two weeks. On August 31, the release will go out on all other digital outlets.

Emote Music :
WhatPeoplePlay :
(*Posted on August 25th 2010)


Ducerey Ada Nexino Live: Teion Club presents "Teion Club - Indoor Summer Festival 2010″ at Club Joule in Osaka Japan.
w/ Takkyu Ishino, Q'hey, DAI, DJ Sho, DJ Yasuhiro, and more.

Date :
August 07 2010 / Time: 21:00 / Door: 3,000yen (w/ 1drink)
Club Joule :
More information :
(*Posted on July 22nd 2010)


Genesa Records released GENESA021 "The DNA-Exchange Project" on May 25 2010. 9 tracks by Reagen, Scalameriya, Splatter, Ducerey Ada Nexino, Coeter One, Hollow Mind, Kruko, Dubit and Daniel Aleksandar. All 82 sound-materials were produced by 9 artists, and each of them composed in his own way. Including "Dandna" by Ducerey Ada Nexino. Available now to download as MP3 or WAV. Download the release, GENESA021, at Beatport, the recognized leader in electronic music.

Genesa Records :
Beatport :
(*Posted on March 26th 2010)


Ducerey Ada Nexino Live: Teion Club presents "Teion Club" at Club Joule in Osaka Japan.
w/ DJ Sodeyama, Savage Scream, DAI, DJ Sho, Wanna, DJ Yasuhiro, and more.

Date :
May 01 2010 / Time: Open 22:00 / Door 3,000yen, with Flyer 500yen Off, T.C. Members Card 2,000yen with 1drink.
Club Joule :
More information :
(*Posted on February 26th 2010)


New release from Serbian label Genesa Records, 1st part of Ducerey Ada Nexino's "Adalovelaced" series released on February 26 2010. Ducerey Ada Nexino is bringing his apocalyptic, neo-industrial sound to Genesa with brilliant tracks. Yuji Kondo is a Japanese recording artist and music producer. Ducerey Ada Nexino's debut track "Diageomatik" was released on Genesa Records in 2009. Recently he did a remix of Jimmy Edgar's track "Sleight of Mouth" for Semantica Records, together with Katsunori Sawa also known as EOC. Back on Genesa, besides the originals on "Adalovelaced I", on board are 6 remixes by Scalameriya, Mekas, Splatter, Reagen, Vitor Munhoz & Griffin, each one made in a different style. Track 3 "004_Soup Pt.2 (Mekas Remix)" ranked with Beatport Minimal Chart Top 100 on March 02. Supported by Richie Hawtin, Monoloc, Mike Wall, Dave Moran, and more DJs. Available now on Beatport.

Genesa Records :
Beatport :
(*Posted on February 26th 2010)


Yuji Kondo+Katsunori Sawa=Steven Porter's 30 minutes, their first ambient live-set was released as the archive session 3 in VACU SESSIONS. The audio was recorded with a digital handy recorder (line-in recording) at Honen-in Temple in Kyoto Japan on February 13th 2010. VACU SESSIONS are a continuous exploration on sound from Portugal. Heavy or light, new and old, predictable or totally unknown: the important here is the dynamic of the music. All archive sessions are available for download free of charge now. You can also listen to the different version on SoundCloud for Steven Porter.

Recent Music Heroes :
(*Posted on February 15th 2010)


Steven Porter Live: Tobira Records presents "Tobira Records Showcase" at Hōnen-in Temple in Kyoto Japan. Tobira Records is a independent label based in Kyoto Japan, which is run by Takahiro Yorifuji, Nobuto Suda and Takamitsu Ohta. Their aim is to release unique works of Ambient/Drone.
w/ Hakobune, Nobuto Suda, Jun Nishimura, Hiroki Sasajima, exportion, Meoss, amalls skcaj (Sseeaann Rrooee & Andy Couzens from S.C.F), and more.

Date :
February 13 2010 / Time: 16:00 / Charge: Advanced 1,000yen, Door 1,500yen
Honen-in Temple :
More information :
(*Posted on February 2nd 2010)


Semantica Records released 2nd part of Jimmy Edgar's "Private" series on January 01 2010. Limited to 100 black vinyls with handmade details. Four seriously floorburning tracks perfectly blending techno, electro and IDM. Including remixes by Steven Porter (Yuji Kondo+Katsunori Sawa), Coushin and Nomadic. January 25, ranked with Sales Top 10 in Clone Records. Available now on Semantica Records, Clone Records and more record shops. Lover. Fighter. Prophet. Freak magnet. Time-traveller. Musician, photographer and designer Jimmy Edgar has come together to release the single "Private 2/3", includes the track "Sleight of Mouth" is one of his most aggressive and dirty dancefloor designs. Semantica Records is a independent label focused to techno/IDM based in Madrid Spain, established in 2006 by Svreca also known as Enrique Mena. He is a Madrid-born DJ that combines sophisticated electronica with abstract and complex techno, and sometimes his experimentation leads him towards the most unusual textures and rhythms for the dancefloor. Avantgarde and tradition; vinyl, advanced design, silk development, handmade details, limited quantities, past, future, Semantica.

Semantica Records :
Clone Records :
(*Posted on January 1st 2010)